Frye 'Villager Lace' Boot $66

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  1. that's an insane price!! I bought 2 pairs last year at what I thought was a steal @ Nords for about $150 pair. LOVE these boots, so cute w/ gauchos and long skirts:yes:
  2. thanks for posting!! I bought the Veronica Slouch boots but I hated the distressing on the leather, so I'm still in the market for some clodhoppers :yes:
  3. Wow thanks so much for posting! I have been looking for a great pair of brown boots, and these are a steal!
  4. got em! thanks!
  5. I got them too, I"ve been wanting them for about 2 years now! Hopefully they fit my huge calves though. Thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks for posting~!!! Nothing in my size though... i will keep looking.. =)
  7. got em! Thanks for posting!!!
  8. you all are welcome. I have my eye on some Frye boots, but I'm looking for flat ones.
  9. Thanks for posting!!! Do these fit true to size?
  10. -you need to 1/2 size down, IME. I am a 9-1/2 and the 9 fits perfectly.
  11. I love these, but how do they fit at the calf? I have pretty muscular/larger calves due to running. Will these fit me or are they made for stick legs?

    Edit: I did order them - I hope Nordstrom does returns on sale items if they don't fit!
  12. I got them for $55 @ Zappos :nuts: