Frye Veronicas outfit help

  1. I just bought a pair of dark brown Frye Veronicas, but have no idea what to wear them with. I never bought boot like these, so I have no clue how to wear them. Outfit ideas/ skinnies please? TIA!
  2. What about with tights and a dress for the fall? Or underneath wide leg jeans, though they will hide the boot...
  3. I just ordered a pair of Frye Veronicas last night but in black! I'm also curious about some outfit ideas. I'm clueless on how to wear these. If anyone has any pics that would be very helpful.

    Yesther, I love the tights with dress idea!
  4. Would they look okay with this dress and a sweater/cardigan?

  5. ^^ IMO, that dress is a bit too feminine. Also, because it's certainly a summer dress, even with the cardigan I think it would look a little mismatched and you would either be too cold on top or warm on the bottom.

    I'd pair them with a pair of tweed pants, the pattern in varying light and darker shades of beige and a white, button-down French cuff blouse tucked in for that equestrian look. I'd also add maybe a long-ish strand of pearls if you wanted it to look a little more feminine without making it clash.

    Hope this helped!
  6. ^ I agree that that dress is a bit too femme for veronicas. I think it's the color and floral pattern. I think that style dress in a solid color would look great with a cardigan and veronicas. I also think you could layer a fitted tee under the dress and add a scarf and tights for a more wintery look.