Frye Veronica Slouch Boot on sale $224.99!

  1. If anyone is looking for the Frye Veronica Slouch Boot in grey (looks brown though), Urban Outfitters has them on sale for $224.99! This is a pretty good deal considering Zappos, Nordstrom, Intermix, Revolve Clothing, etc are still selling them for full price at around $300. I was looking for them in black, but thought I'd share my find. :smile:
  2. I bought those boots (in grey) but didn't like the distressing treatment on the leather - I so love the look though!

    FYI to anyone, Revolve is code-matching for 30% right now (do a search here for the code), so buying the boots from them would actually be cheaper ($308 regular - 30% = $215.60)
  3. thanks fan addict! i'm going to get some frye boots from revolve right NOW!
  4. Thanks fan addict! That's an amazing price! Too bad revolve is out of size 7.5 in Black now :sad: I've put in a special inquiry, but I'd love to get it sooner! Anyone else know where to get a good price on the Frye Black Veronica boot?
  5. No problem!
    Zappos has them for full price but may price match, at least with Urban Outfitters - probably not for the black, though :tdown:
  6. I'm sorry, but what do you mean by searching for the code?
  7. I think she just meant that you can do a search for codes that revolve will match in the forum. I just looked for it, here's what I found some people posted:

    They are matching the coupon code "bigfallsale" for 30% off at

    Yes I emailed them and they said they would match it. After you check out just email them and ask them to match the coupon code above. That's what I did and they sent me an email right away with the amount they would refund me.