Frye sandals - size help!

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  1. I have a pair of the Frye Harness boots and they ran big so I bought a half size smaller than ususal. I was wondering how the Frye sandals ran - I am looking at styles like the Dara, Dolly, Mandy, etc. that have a heel. Anyone know?
  2. I have never bought a pair of the sandals, but, my SIL has and she buys them the same size as her boots. BUT, I have 2 pairs of boots in the same size (one being the harness) and they fit different. I have the Billy's and the Harness and the Harness are a little my advice is no good at all...mainly just a ramble of info.....
  3. The boots tend to run big but the sandals tend to run true to size if not a tad small. I wear 8-8.5 in frye boots and all my frye sandals are 8.5-9. The sandals are also generally narrow, just fyi. I love my sandals and boots though!
  4. the sandals i have are TTS.