Frye Phoenix Boots for $140 (reg $280) at

  1. These look really cute & comfortable...great jeans boots. Plus has a code for 25% off (I think it's luckybreaks7 --- but check elsewhere in this thread) so these come out to only $105 from $280! This is my first pair of Frye's so not sure about the fit but for that price, why not?
  2. Nice deal! (just make sure you want mid-calf boots before bondgirl said, they'd be cute under jeans)
  3. Never had Frye are they?
  4. I have a pair of a "cowboy" style. I think they are the 12RHarness. Anyway, they are great. Quite well made and tough.

  5. I just got a pair of Veronica Slouch black boots and I love love love them! They are my first pair of Frye boots and I have to say, they are well worth the money. The leather is really soft and you can tell the boots are made to last a long time.
  6. Thanks ladies :biggrin: those look gorgeous!
  7. Well I got these boots today...and they are going back. There is no grip whatsoever on the soles. I didn't even think to check on that before I ordered them. I nearly wiped out on the tile floor trying them on...
  8. all you gotta do is scratch em up a little, i bought some price matched for 62$ the villager lace and they are so awesome as first they were snug but a couple of wears and they're awesome 62$ with free shipping, for frye can't beat it, i looked on Nordies and got another pair for 82 bucks
  9. I love the villager lace ones! I got them overnight shipping and they have metal studs on the bottom for grip. They also have the laces that help with adjusting it to you calf size.