Frye Paige Cuff Boot Modeling Pics?


Aug 12, 2006
^ Great pics! Thanks!

I just received mine from Zappos yesterday. I haven't made my mind up about them yet, though.

THEY ARE EXCEEDINDINGLY DIFFICULT TO PULL ON. I had to use the pastic bag trick, and then I couldn't get the plastic bag pulled out!

However, once on they are gorgeous! I love how tall the shaft is. They're adorable with skinny jeans and with over-the-knee socks. Still...I don't know if they are worth the effort. Serious! I have a closet full of Frye boots, but these take the cake for the amount of work necessary to pull on. I wish they had a back zipper.

I am also ordering the Frye Veronica slouch boot (which is not so tall) to see which I prefer.


haha no.
Aug 2, 2007
^^I noticed they were kind of difficult to pull on, too! I don't have any other frye boots so I'm not able to compare the difficulty. I still love them, though! The struggle is worth it .

and what exactly is the plastic bag trick? I've never heard of it...


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Dec 10, 2008
i just ordered these boots a half size small, they were the last pair and half off at free people. i have super skinny calves, which often do not fill up boots, think i'll be okay? do they run tts, small, or a little large? I wear an eight-nine depending on the shoe, but i ordered an eight. help i need some info!

Sweet Marie

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Apr 22, 2008
I just bought these boots, they are beautiful! I have one other pair of Frye boots. They are totally tts - My legs are not thin or thick, and they pulled up just fine. I like that they can fold over or not - two very different looks. I am so pleased with them. But I am tall so even without folding over, it still hits right below the knee.