Frye OTK cuff boots ~ need opinions

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  1. So I really like the Frye Anna boot

    A couple of questions ~ do you think that the leather will wear oddly if I switch it from folded over to not folded? Meaning when the boots are worn otk will I see a crease from when they have been folded?

    Also, what do you think of them in general? Are they a one season trendy boot, or along the classic line?

  2. As far as wrinking goes, it depends on the stiffness/softness of the leather, but I think you'd be okay to switch it up every now and then. I don't think the leather will wear oddly.

    I like them, but as far as Frye OTK boots go, I much prefer the Dorado! (those you'll have to find on Ebay, but they're flat.)

    I don't think they're a one season only boot... Frye has been doing the cuff/OTK boots for a while.