Frye Harness Boots with a heel?

  1. Good morning, Girls! As I was slipping on my Frye harness boots (4 yrs old) this morning, I was thinking how much I love these boots but how I wish they were updated with a taller heel. Not too tall, maybe just another inch or so. I would want them exactly the same otherwise.

    Does ayone else wish Frye would consider doing that...offering a taller version?
  2. I was wondering if Frye does resoling when (IF!!!) the soles wear out. If they do, they might be able to do a buildup on a heel for you. Some of the shoe companies will do custom work, could contact them to see if they would make a pair for you. I bought a pair of men's for the wider width, and I like the fact that it has a lower heel because they are more comfortable for me. They do make some other styles with high heels.