Frye for Coach Reveal

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  1. Sooo... After almost two weeks, my boots finally arrived! Anyone around for a Saturday evening reveal since I'm on my break at work and all! Haha

    Here's a little teaser to get y'all started.


  2. I'm here. Let's see the goods.
  3. I'm here too - interested to hear if they are comfortable - thinking about a pair myself.
  4. I'm here. Loving those boots.
  5. I want frye boots too!!
  6. I think they are very handsome boots! They are also very comfortable. Plus I can wear them to work! Haha.





  7. Nice! I really like those. Congratulations!
  8. Very nice!
  9. Gorgeous color. I love them.
  10. Oh those are lovely! I love Frye, top quality and I always get compliments when I wear mine (not Coach, though :sad: )
  11. Love them!
  12. LOVE THEM!! Congrats! Are they true to size?
  13. awesome! i just got the maely boot but had to return cuz they were huge and too long for my short calves, just didn't look right. could you tell me the height of the shaft and how they fit on the feet please?
    thank you!;)
  14. They do fit true to size. Which I was worried about.
  15. Great looking boots!