Frye Engineer Tie Up Boots

  1. I just ordered a pair of FRYE Engineer tie up boots from Zappos. I found them real cheap on (they have quite a few styles) I then called Zappos and they matched the much cheaper price.
    Does anyone have these? Anytips on hat to wear with and break in period/tips? I never owned FRYE boots before. I got them in the Cocoa brown color. I am usually a size 8 but many people on Zappos suggested a 1/2 size down so I orderd 7 1/2, guess I'll soon see.
  2. congrats!!!
  3. Could you maybe post a pic so we could help more!? Thanks!
  4. Frye boots are a killer to break in but once you do they'll last a lifetime
  5. wow thats really good of Zappos to do that?
    Do they do that for every shoe, and every website.. or whats the deal about that?
    And I have heard so many great things about Frye boots, I have a couple of friensd who have their mothers from the 70s!
  6. I have the Frye Campus boots in black that were perfect - I didn't have to break them in at all. But, I then ordered the exact same pair/size in dark brown and for some reason they were a lot snugger on the ball of the foot area. I brought them to the cobbler and had the brown pair stretched but also had to bring them back a second time as well for stretching..... they were perfect when I got them back!!!

    So, if your new engineer boots are feeling a bit tight in the front of the shoe, bring them to your local cobbler for stretching.
  7. I ordered these a while back. I thought they were cute and they fit TTS, but I didn't like the way they gaped in front at the ankle where the laces tie. I hope you have better luck. I may have weird ankles.
  8. i love these boots but they kill my ankles... wear thick socks the first few times..
  9. Zappos will meet a cheaper price guaranteed 110% as long as they can see the same pair on a different website. They will only do it for you once a month.
  10. I got them, feel comfortable but now am thinking , what do I wear them with? Real tight, esp around my definitly no jeans tucking in. I got in light brown.
  11. Without skinnies your options are limited. Cute Boho skirts with knee-high or over-the-knee socks peaking over the top of your boots?
  12. pics?? please??
  13. Sorry, I sent them back already- just check on for Frye