Frye Dorado Riding boots

  1. Does anyone know where i can get the frye dorado riding boots on sale or at least discounted????is there a good chance they are going to go on sale after the holidays???:confused1:
  2. are you talking about the frye dorado lows (not slouch)? the equestrian boots? i got mine almost a year ago. i'd been hunting them since last august, and they were full priced until at least february/match of the following year. i'm actually thinking of selling mine because i'm quite petite and i think the boots may be too heavy for me to wear as much as i like.
  3. I have the Frye Bonnie tall riding boots. I could NOT find it anywhere! So I had to order it on for full price but they give free expedited shipping :\ The only place that had them wtiha discount was but they're sold out :sad: They may be able to do a special order for you, I am not sure since its not guaranteed that they can get it for you.

    I LOOOOVE them to death though! Very light, SUPER comfortable! THey were worth the money because I wear them almost everyday!!! I highly recommend the bonnies tall :smile: order a half size up if you plan on wear a thicker sock or just have wider feeet (me).
  4. I'm looking for these...i love them...want them in black just don't want to pay almost 500 bucks for them
  5. They are 20% off here but only in a size 10:

    I've always paid full price for my Fryes (got the Dorado tall flat slouch boot in grey suede last year and worn them to death!) except this fall when I got really lucky being among the first to hit's fall reductions and got these Elizabeth boots for 30% off.

    Frye's are the BEST. i never pay full price for anything but Frye's are my exception. i know i'll have these boots for 20 years. and look to eBay if you want to see how well they hold their value! i often see 15+ year old Campus boots selling for 80$.
  6. Check out Marshalls in your neighborhood!!!
    I saw several pairs of Frye engineer 16L boots in light bown colour (last year style I think) for $99 at Marshalls, orginal price was $425!!!! They got size 6, 8 and 9 when i was there. This was last month at Super Mall in Auburn.
  7. these are mine:

    they were full-price ($400+) until well after christmas -- like toward end-of-season clearance at the end of january. i've found that when frye make these "seasonal" boots (that's what they're considered in the frye collection), they rarely go on sale or end up at discounters. you can easily find frye campus and engineer boots on sale because they're part of the frye collection and have been for decades.

    i ended up finding mine at macy's through Amazon. they were less than $300, although i had to pay ridiculous shipping ($20+). i found other colors (suede, gray or tan) on sale for even less toward march/april, when most retailers were clearing out boots for summer stock.
  8. Amandabug, I love those! Are they the Dorado Riding boot?
  9. they're called Dorado Low. Kind of confusing, because there's a completely different Frye boot called Dorado low slouch.
  10. I am in LOVE with these boots!! But I can't justify the price :sad:
  11. You can get them at Macy's right now for 15-20% off with code "PERK."
  12. I have the dorado short boots, which are $382, and i haven't seen them on sale anywhere, if that helps at all
  13. Bloomingdales in Garden City, NY had them on sale. I don't remember the price.
  14. Honestly, if you can wait until off season or close to it..check out ebay. I scored the brown equestrian frye dorado boots for $99 last year
  15. has Frye Dorado Riding boots for 320.00!
    You need to read the fine print on returns, they don't do them unless
    there is something wrong with them. Not sure if you can return if the
    size is incorrect, they will issue you a "web credit".
    Nice price if they have them in stock and in your size.