Frye Deborah Tote!

  1. I think that I've found my perfect bag! I've been buying Coach for many years and haven't branched out. I saw the Frye Deborah tote in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalog and I knew that it was love! I had to have it! Then the problem...which color? I couldn't decide so I got both! And I'm so glad they did!! They both arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous!!

    The leather is a wonderful distressed leather that looks vintage and as if the bag has been around forever. The studs are sparkly and eye catching but not loud. The strap drop is very generous and makes the bag very comfortable to carry.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my new beauties!



    On the left is the Chocolate and the Slate is on the right. :smile:
  2. More pictures of the Chocolate:


  3. image-1587384525.jpg


  4. And now pictures of the Slate:



  5. image-1935771333.jpg

  6. IMG_8933.jpg

    Love it! Thought I would add my mod pic to this thread for reference. I'm carrying the chocolate, I'm 5'9".
  7. Glad I clicked in here, thanks for sharing Simpsonyte! Congratulations they are both Perfect and look great on you!!
  8. Thanks so much for adding your mod picture! It's a great reference! :smile:
  9. LOVE these bags and all the pics! Both colors are fabulous! Wonderful find!
  10. Oh wow!! I love the distressed look! Great choices!!
  11. Thanks so much! The pics came out really well and I think they're really accurate on the colors!
  12. Thanks!! I love the distressed look too! It's great to have a bag that I dont have to worry about and will just get better with time. :smile:
  13. You're welcome! And thanks for starting this thread. This bag deserves its own thread!
  14. No problem! Everyone is free to add their own pictures! I love that with the distressing of the leather, every bag is different.

    I'm actually surprised that there wasn't already a thread since the bag sold out so quickly during the sale!
  15. Is it a heavy bag?