Frye campus 14L or 14G

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  1. I am debating between the 2. Any suggestion or comments?

    I like the classic look of 14L. But as I live in a really cold place, the rubber lug sole of 14G may be very useful. But would it look silly (the picture looks a bit silly to me)? But I haven't looked at them in real life. Have any one compared or tried them both? Thanks!

    For color, I am thinking of blazer brown for 14L and brown for 14G. I think the blazer brown color is more versatile. I heard that 14G brown is close to the cognac side, and may not be as versatile. Again I haven't tried them in real life. Any feedback is high appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. I like them both! I know...not exactly helpful here right but I actually have the blazer brown 14L and the brown 14G.

    They are different enough to own both. It sounds like you like the classic look more. I don't think the lug sole looks silly, I actually like that more! And brown is very close to a saddle cognac color irl.

    Blazer brown is a great rich dark dark brown. It has contrast yellow stitching which I love.

    It will all depend on what you would like more. But if you purchase on endless, you can take advantage of the 30% c*shb*ack from bing. The 14G brown is also on sale there too
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    here are some pics to see the comparison.

    with flash side by side

    blazer brown 14L no flash (closer to true color)

    brown 14G (looks like saddle) no flash (close to true color)

  4. wow...from zappos pics...i would say no way to the G...but after your pics^^^they look great...the lug sole looks really subtle.
  5. and to add...i like the lighter color...its such a beautiful color i really think it would compliment both black, brown and navy.
  6. You rock! This is very helpful. Thanks a lot! :smile:

  7. I second this. I now actually like the 14G very much. Just ordered a pair.

  8. I found 14G Brown at around $168 from
    I couldn't find 30% cash back from bing though. The search of 'fry campus' doesn't produce the 30% off sign.

  9. I was so sure I would prefer the 14L more than the 14G, but really they both look really cool, thanks for the pics Kitcat!!

    I only have the campus 14L in Banana, but if I were you, the 14G do look pretty handy for the weather where you are! Lots of luck deciding Trojanhorse!
  10. I have 14g and love them so much.