Frye boots

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  1. Last year I loved the Frye Deborah boots but i thought they would be a waste cuz pants would cover the prettiest part. This year I think they would be perfect with jeg/leggings. I know they made a over the knee version this year, not for me(broken leg, I sound like a broken record). What do you think, will they(short) look good with jeg/leggings?
  2. I personally don't like them, but I don't like Western style boots in general.
  3. Jujuma- last year I bought the Deborah boots, but ended up returning them because some of the studs were missing. I usually only wear skinny jeans/jeggings, and the boots looked great with all of them. Honestly, they were so comfortable and beautiful...
  4. Ordered them today after trying them on at Saks, I ordered them from Macy's, they have them in warehouse but don't stock them(?!), and got 20% off. Now I can't wait to get them.
  5. Jujuma- you're going to absolutely love these boots. And at 20% off? That's quite a deal for these beauties. It's actually a good thing that Macy's only has them in the warehouse... means countless people haven't tried them on in the store (bleh).
  6. I know, and not only did I get 20%off, I had a $200 gift card, a $100 store credit, and a $70 credit on my account! They were almost free, wahoo. Can't wait till they come and I tried them on so I know they work with my broken leg, finally something I can be a little happy about.
  7. ^^ Oooh, these boots are gorgeous IRL! If they weren't so expensive I would own them!:heart: I went with the Billy shortie instead...because they were cheaper. lol

    Please post pics of yours when they arrive. I might break down and purchase a pair.:angel: