Frye Boots?

  1. what do you guys think?

    A recent Vogue spread showed Keira Knightly in them with a dress. I think she was wearing the short/medium high kind---engineers or campus styles...

    For those who own them:

    1) Do they fit true to size?
    2) My calves are kinda skinny---will they lop about in the boots making it look silly?
    3) What do you wear them with?

    Many thanks!
  2. I own the harness. I wear them with jeans and cords which is all I own anyway. ;)

    I think they are pretty true to size though they feel insanely loose in the heel to me, but the width and length are perfect everywhere else. The only place they are snug is my ankle where the harness is and they rub there, supposedly when you break em in more that fades (my boss's both own the same pair, interestingly...and we have all shown up in dark jeans, the boots and a navy blue top on the same day a couple times...funny)
  3. I bought a mule from Frye, ingeniously made, wears like iron. I wear those things more then I ever imagined. For the money they are a tremendous value. Also TTS for me.

  4. I LOVE my Frye boots and also wear them to death! They have numerous styles available on was just browsing there!