Frye boots - will the foot part stretch?


Jun 2, 2008
I got a pair of the Paige Buckles boots, and I love the style. They fit alright everywhere except on the ball of my foot where my foot is too wide. Will the leather stretch out to accomodate my foot? Right now my foot bones are like visible through the leather.

Thanks for any help!!


Apr 11, 2008
Texas, USA
I have these boots and have the same problem~
My left foot has a bunion (ugh)
The boot is accommodating it just fine, but it's the outside part of both the feet that's killing me.... does that make sense?

I bought some of that spray stretch stuff, spray it in there, then pull on the boots and wear them. It is working, slowly.
About 4-6 hours of wear is about all I can do right now.

As a matter of fact, I just picked them up from Boot Hospital yesterday, where I had dropped them off for stretching. For $8.00 and change, I couldn't tell the difference.
Now I am not blaming those folks for not wanting to ruin expensive boots like these, if that's what they were worried about, but reaaaallly............. good thing it was cheap.

My method seems to be working just as well, though.

I love the boots, and I think they look great.
I admit I am tough to fit.
I will say, though, that if I still had the option of returning them, I would think long and hard about it.... My foot is wide, and the boots are too narrow.

I have a pair of Campus boots that fit MUCH more comfortably in the foot, but difficult to pull up because of my fat calves. I dropped those off for stretching but the guy didn't give me much hope. Picking them up Monday. They are my favorite so far.... Just give me a half inch wider PLEASE !!!!!!!!! :P


Nov 22, 2006
Bring your new boots to a shoe cobbler and they can stretch the leather for you. Just point out the area and they will put in a stretcher that they will need to leave in the shoe for a couple of days. I had to do this with a pair of Frye Campus boots that I bought a year ago. Worked perfectly and didn't cost very much.


Nov 1, 2006
I got a pair of Frye boots and I could not get them on at all. The length and size were right, but I have high arches, and I could not for the life of me get my foot in! So, I took them to a shoe repair and they stretched it all out, in all the right places. Long story short, you can have them stretched so long as you go to a reputable place that will make sure to take good care of your boots.