frye boots fit

  1. I just bought a pair of Frye boots (Carmen shortie). I think they fit OK with thin socks. But they are too tight with a wool sock (not a very thick one). I know these are firm and do have a break-in period, but wondering if I should see if they have the next size up. Or will they stretch? I don't necessarily want to wear wool socks but don't want the boots to be too tight. Anyone have experience with how much Frye boots break in or stretch? And how much wear it takes to break in?
  2. They will eventually stretch. I wouldn't go up a size.
    You could go have them done at a shoe place.
  3. Thank you Shyloo. I called Bloomingdales (where I got them on sale for half price) and they don't have the next I'll probably keep them.
  4. they won't really stretch but they will definitely soften with wear. i remember the first time i put mine on and tried to walk across my apartment i wanted to cut my feet off, the pain was so bad. after wearing them out once, they are perfect.
  5. Mine don't acually hurt when walking around the house. They feel bit bit stiff though and not real roomy in the toe area. But since yours started out hurting and broke in to be comfortable, that's very encouraging. Thanks Laura.:yes: