Frutstration - Vent - Trying To Shop @ Bal Long Distance

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  1. I want a Twiggy but am frustrated because I would have to buy via phone. Spoke to LA store yesterday - I think to Jim. He was very nice but again reiterated it was there store policy not to take photos. I don't want to get stick with a store credit there if I don't care for bag. They are only store carrying Twiggy's now yes? :tdown:
  2. I would not buy a bag without see it :nogood:
  3. Balthus,
    I have bought from BalLA and BalNY both. I hate that you only get store credit for returns, but you don't have to use it "right away". If you got something you didn't care for, you have 10 days to return it. They'll give you credit and when they get something else you want you can use your credit. They also have a policy to send bags "on consignment". This will cost you $50 to overnight the bag to you but if you don't like it, you can send it back (and pay additional $ to ship-usually they want it right back so you could send 2-3 day air back). It depends on the SA and how they will do it. It's pricey, but you're not stuck with a credit if you don't like the bag. It's better than reselling at a loss on Ebay. Also, you won't pay taxes since you don't live in either location. Don't you usually pay taxes (at Barneys at least)?
  4. I did not know that & SA did no offer that service. I hate store credits though as a rule because I tend to forget about them. Kind fo like gyft cards.

    Yes I do pay tax on bags I buy at Dallas Barney's but not at NM or Saks (Nordstroms charges tax) because they are not sold in Dallas which is really my preference because of points etc except the selection of styles, colors, etc has been pretty poor as of late.