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  1. I went into FP today to look at the Madison Shoulder Bag and Sophia and was talking to the cutest SA ever! (She even pulled out a returned Emily's Satchel for me!) And the Manager came over (the one who tried to clean the glue off my Glam, but failed) and started bad mouthing TPF! She was saying that its just people trying to sell their fakes and theres all these issues for it and all the info is wrong! I was upset and the SA I was talking to was super interested in it! I didn't buy anything today and decided that I will go buy when I go to my fav store!

    I was really upset about it and just wanted to get it off my chest!

    Anyways, have a great day and I can't wait to see all of your reveals this week!! :yahoo::P:biggrin::nuts:
  2. Sounds like she's just ignorant about tPF. Don't let it bother you. We all know the truth about tPF and what a great resource it is.

    Were you at least able to see the shoulder bag and Sophia?
  3. That is funny. I had the opposite experience this morning. I was in the FP store to order the fob with the NY outline. I mentioned that it had been revealed here & she said she really likes reading tPF to learn the opinions & experiences with the bags.
  4. I see you're live in Phoenix? Which store did you go to?
  5. Yep I got to see the Shoulder bag and Sophia and I LOVED both!!! I wish I had a money tree!! I would get the Purple Sophia and the Black Shoulder bag!! I LOVED the Emily's Satchel too, but I think I would get it dirty instantly :sad:

    DebbieAnn- I ordered that FOB too and I LOVE it!! It's so cute but it doesn't look right on my bags right now so I'm waiting to order my Spotlight b/c it has gold hardware. :biggrin: I hope you love it as much as I do!
  6. I went to the Fashion Square store! You live in Phoenix too?!?!
  7. What!! I live in Phoenix! I have never had a bad experience at Fashion Square, but I am very hesitant to let them know that I am a member of TPF and other handbag groups. What is your favorite location? Oh and who was the sales associate that you spoke to at Fashion Square that was super cute? I work with Melinda over there and would recommend her. We need a meet up!!!
  8. HooHoo- I usually go to the Biltmore Store. It's literally 5 minutes away from my house but when I'm at the mall I'll go pop in that store. I can't remember her name but she's tall and blonde and wears black glasses. I think it starts with an "S."
  9. As far as I am concerned this is the best site for handbag lovers of all kinds. I have gained lots of knowledge from this site, besides injoying the interaction with my fellow Coachies. Shame on her for not checking it out before opening her mouth!!!
  10. I was just at Biltmore yesterday. That one used to be my store until my SA Matthew left and started working at Nordstrom. Now I kind of float from store to store since I am not really close to any store (I live in Laveen and don't have easy access to any shopping!). Biltmore let me in their back room where they had all of the new bags for the new floorset. They had a bunch of stuff, but probably not as many as Fashion Square would have. But they did have the new poppy stuff, some of the new Sophia colors, the new Madison shoulder bag in black, and one of the gathered sophias, oh and the mia maggie. I forgot to check what accessories they had, I got too excited looking at the bags.
  11. Fun! I would love to see their back room!! I love that store b/c it's small and they're never too busy!
  12. I do too, that is why I would go there. Oh, and by the way, it was a Coach store manager in San Diego that first told me about TPF and how great it was.
  13. Ignorance is bliss especially for those who don't know about tpf. I've learned so much information since joining and enjoy chatting with fellow Coachies. OP you have a great day also.
  14. I haven't had any issues the few times I have been to the Fashion Square store, but I've only browsed there not purchased. I live closer to Arrowhead Mall so I go to the store there more often.
  15. I was at the Oak Brook, IL store yesterday ordering the Sophia in Crimson and the Tartan key fob that had been posted here. My SA asked me where I saw the key fob and I said tPF. She said that it was a great site! I love that we get great info here and that there is no selling allowed.