Frustration sets in

  1. Yesterday I was at the 5th ave Vuitton here in the city and I was asking if they were out of the red groom agenda (a question I pretty much knew the answer to but was asking anyway). The snooty SA told me "umm I don't think they ever made a red Agenda, I know we have the wallet, but no red agenda"

    First off...there was a red agenda on display in the front window....

    I guess I can sort of see SAs not knowing what is going to be out in the future (for instance, if I had asked her about this a month ago) but when the line is already out???

    Wouldn't it be great if the SAs had to be on this forum 1 hour out of their scheduled work week as a pre-req? I know I have already learned SO MUCH.
  2. That is definitely frustrating! I am really puzzled how SAs can be so clueless?? :confused1: Did you tell her to look in the window?
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