Frustration about TTC.

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  1. I am beginning to get frustrated with TTC. I have been trying since October and while I know that is not really a long time, it just feels like it to me. Especially when friends around me have conceived within the first three months of trying. Also BDing is starting to feel like a chore and not fun anymore which is adding stress in that department for both of us and when you get no results month after month, that is even more stressful. Maybe something is wrong with one of us and we don’t even know it and this month after month is wasting time and energy. How soon is too soon to get tested? I feel like time is getting away from me and I don’t want that to happen. I am 31 going to be 32 in July. DH is already 33. I am just feeling really down about this whole thing and all the “new” announcements of pregnancies here, while it is great news, has really bummed me out about my situation. I guess I am being selfish there. Sorry. I just keep wondering when my time will be and should we go ahead and talk with my doctor about our fertility. It is all just getting to be too much!!

    Sorry for letting me rant. I think I need a vacation!! Anyone else care to rant with me??? :hysteric:
  2. I hope you don't mind me butting in to the TTC area since I'm not TTC, but I wanted to let you know that I was once where you are now. I have a very difficult time getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I have had several miscarriages, an ectopic and emergency removal of one of my fallopian tubes. Been on fertility meds and one of my children was conceived through Intrauterine Insemination.... anyway, after all of that, I am now so fortunate to be mother to two wonderful girls and a 7 month old son.

    You are NOT being selfish and you have every right and reason to feel the way you do. It can be very, very discouraging and painful when in all intents and purposes it should be the best time of your life. I felt like kicking puppies whenever a friend would announce her pregnancy.

    :heart: I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best. :heart:

  3. We have been trying for 17 months. It is terribly frustrating. My friends have ALL (and I am not exaggerating sp?) gotten pregnant within the first 3-4 months of trying. I am 32 and my DH is 31. You are not alone!!!
  4. jenniletv,

    I felt the same way before I got pregnant. It took us 7 months. I was sad when I heard people said they were pregnant. And many of them even said they were not trying, it just happened. WTH???

    I cried many times when AF showed up. Since only a few of my friends know we were TTC, they kept telling me it would happen. I worried about either one had problems, DH was very helpful in that topic. He said, "it will eventually happen, there are many ways in the medical world will make us having a baby. And if worse to worse, nothing works, there were many lovely children waiting for adopted parents."

    Please just hang in there. Believe me, it will happen someday, it is just matter of time. I didn't believe my friend kept saying, "it will happen when you are least expected." I got the HPT two days after my Paris vacation.

    I know it is hard to do. But just relax and it will happen. And it is only 6 months. If you really worry, you definitely can talk to your Dr about your conserves. He/she has no rights to refuse to run tests on you and your husband.

    Good Luck!!!!!
  5. Sorry this is in the wrong place. Meant to post in the TTC forum. Mods please move. Thanks.

  6. Thank you so much for understanding. My situation pales in comparison yours and I am sorry for everything you have been through to conceive and stay pregnant. I am thrilled for you to have three wonderful blessings!! :flowers: You are fortunate indeed!! Thank you.
  7. Thank you VT pooh!! I know everyone says it will happen when you least expect it and it will happen when it happens. And I know I need to stop worrying about it and just go with the flow. Then maybe it will. :yes: It can all just be a little overwhelming sometimes.
  8. Pardon me for being too personal. Have you and your dh talked with your Dr? Or are you just waiting it out?
  9. Hey jenniletv... I know how you feel. We went to see a specialist after 10 months. DH thought it was a lttile early to see someone, but I think we made the right decision. Having everything checked out has given me piece of mind and perspective. We now know that b/c of DH's sperm morpgology that it will takes us a little longer to get pregnant, but it also strengthened my believe that it will happen when we are ready, either by the grace of good or by my dr. (which is still by the grace of good, but with a little assistance).

    I can suggest a few things that helped me:
    1)Started using Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor- now I know exactly when our greatest chance to conceive is.
    2) Fertell- over the counter fertility test that test both male and female, it test females FSH level (egg reserve) and LH level and for the male it tests motility and concentration, but not morphology.
    3) Make an appointment with a specialist- most take 6-8 weeks to get a consultation, so just having the appointment can sometimes take the pressure off and if you get pregnant you can always cancel!

    I hope this helps. I know how dissappointing it is....
  10. Thanks Tabby...

    How much is the monitor?? I use those LH surge Strips but I wonder if they are really that effective and accurate.
  11. We have been getting tests since Nov. 07. DH is going to a urologist and I have my HSG tomorrow.
  12. I think I paid around $150 from and had a coupon for being a new customer + the 30 day supply of strips which were about $40. We decided to use it for 2 months and if nothing happened after that, we would go get tested. I knew our timing couldn't really be THAT bad...

    Good luck with the HSG! Just remember to breathe.
  13. Good luck!! Do they have any ideas?
  14. Shew, $190.00, I don't have that right now, so I'll stick to those strips for the time being. I think I may wait until July and if nothing by then I am calling my Dr. That will be 10 months for me.
  15. No problems with me yet. DH's sperm analysis came back low in concentration and motility, but he has only had one done. Also he has possible vericose veins so they are scheduling an ultrasound.