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  1. Ok I went on Ebay and see so many people bidding on fake "Authentic" stuff especially the LVs. It make me so frustrating to see them do that.I really wish I can e-mail them and tell them they are bidding on fakes. Don't they know they are fake??? Why don't they educate themselve? Instead pouring their money( I am sure they are hard-earned) in those fakes??? It makes me sad...:cry:
  2. People are generally naive and gullible - and lack knowledge. I've seen people believe in much worse products and fall for it, too. Or of course, they are willingly paying for the cheaper fake.
  3. I suppose so but it is still very frustrating....I just hate it when people get deceived by those seller/store etc.
  4. I'm sure some people just buy the cheapest because they just want a cheaper version of the real thing, even if it does turn out to be fake. For those that actually choose to figure out what's going on with reals and fakes, eBay can be something like a treasure hunt. ;)
  5. I agree.

    I sold a Men's MINT Damier Billfold for $170! :amazed: So there are good deals if you look! Although I'm regretting for letting it go so cheap. My BF got it from some chick I detest so I just wanted to get rid of it asap! :lol:

    I saw a Vernis Fuschia Lex on ebay a couple days ago and it sold for $201USD! And it was authentic! I was in a bidding war and sadly...I lost! :cry:
  6. Oh my god.. I would kill for fuchsia at that price !!! Kill, maim, run over.. anything, I'd do it ! :lol:
  7. That's really disgusting.

    It always kind of baffles me that they can't get the LV monogram size right on smaller items. I mean, most counterfeit multicolore pieces are made using a fake, regular sized canvas. This faux vernis piece also manages to majorly miss the boat on the size of the LVs. What's up with that !
  8. I say they deserve it. If they're dumb enough to bid and win a fake, more power to them! They'll learn (or not) from their mistake.
  9. Really??? I think I still not THAT good at hunt down nice stuff on Ebay haha but you guys can sure do so!
  10.'s ok :hug: I am sure there will be another chance!!!
  11. Ayla you are so funny.LOL
  12. I know, that's said, especially when they bid on dead giveaways. Don't they know ebay is the ultimate ground for fakes? And they don't bother to research/find out more info on their investment?
  13. Yeah I suppose so, I just hope they do learn! :sad:
    AND there is already so many fakes out there it is disgusting.:sick:
  14. I saw one the buyer ask: if the one is authentic ( the one with a yellow card)
    The buyer said: she got it from a friend and stuff
    and they buyer believe it then........:wacko: