1. Ok so I called up a Saks store that I heard had the yoyo's in an 85mm, this nice gentleman assured me they had a nude 85 yoyo to my surprise bc i didnt think there was a nude yoyo i am all excited:yahoo::woohoo:, and today the ups man came when no one else was home, so they cant bother me about my purchases, whcihc had me even more excited:wlae:......but then i open the box, and they are not 85's (i knew it was too good to be true).....they were 110's. They are soooo beautiful but for me i just cant go over 100 without a platform :crybaby:. Besides I could barely get my foot for me its back to the drawing board.....i called and ordered 100's but they said they was only one left in the whole company so he doubts ill get it:sad:. Here are pics of the too high shoes i am returning:crybaby:.

  2. Sorry to hear about your shoes! It's always such a let down when you're looking forward to getting a pair and they don't work out!

    I don't know how you feel about buying from eBay or what size you are looking for, but there's a pair of 39.5 in 85mm up on eBay. I wish they were my size because I'd snag them! Here's the link just in case:

    Good luck in your search!
  3. Aww thanks My Purse Addiction!!! But unfortunately i wear a size 41.
  4. Wow, those are very pretty!

    I am sorry for your loss... :angel:
  5. oh if anyone wants them I am returning them to Saks in riverside square mall hackensack, nj (even though they dont carry CL's at that location) just ask for them size 41
  6. Bummer!! Will they be getting more stock, maybe?

    I have a question though...the 110 is the straight heel and the 85 is the curved heel, so what is the 100??? I didn't realize there was even one.
  7. oh no!!did you try calling a CL boutique to see if they have it?
  8. I bought the 100 from this season and its the curved heel... I almost want to get the straight heel too!
  9. ugh sorry about your disappointment. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find your 85s soon :yes:
  10. OOO I didnt even ask I was like a maniac calling saks trying to get a lower heel, lol. The 110 is too high for me and i dont know why but when I try on higher heels i need to go half size bigger:confused1:.

    Edrine I called both CL LA and Horatio st and no one had it, boo hoo...only grease paint which i have. I almost got the joli noued but I am iffy on d'orsay styles bc although i dont have CL ones, i never feel secure in my manolos.

    They are sooo beautiful i hate returning them, if my foot fit in them better i would have honestly kept them, but my foot in the 41's is like 5 pounds of sausage in a 3 pound case:push:, not cute to say the least
  11. you are too funny!!!i can't make a mental picture of that in my was the fit for the grease paint yoyo's?will 41.5 be a better fit for the nude patent yoyo's for you?

    try calling saks nyc bec. i think they have a better selection..
  12. ^^^Its weird bc the grease paint yoyo's in 85 mm 41's fit PERFECTLY! and these dont fit at all. well see when i get the 100's (if i get them)
  13. I think I know now why these shoes are called yoyo's!!!
  14. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. I am so sorry you got the wrong shoes. Good luck finding them.