frustrating...SAs in Paris insist there isn't a red!

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  1. So I went to two boutiques here in Paris ( Av Montaigne and rue Cambon)....

    at rue Cambon (mothership store!) I asked to see the new red with the new chain and the SA showed me a fabric one. The color was amazing, but I really want leather, I don't mind lambskin or caviar. I said that I have seen pics with the new red color, and she said that she is absolutely sure there won't be such a color in the collection.

    then, Av Montaigne... Asked for the same thing, red bag with new chain, and the SA showed me a lambskin bag which was not red, it was bordeaux. I asked if there will be another red and she showed me the jersey bag and said, this red will only come in jersey and not leather.

    I was a bit upset because the SAs look at me like I'm crazy when I say that I've seen pics online... And this is Paris, shouldn't they a) be informed and b) have waiting lists or something?? I read in another thread that PFers from the USA already have pre ordered the new red color with the new chain, so why are they giving us such a hard time here? I felt intimidated by the SAs and don't feel comfortable asking at any more boutiques...
  2. awww, i am sorry the SAs wasn't helping you out, but is there a number similar to 1800 that you can call and ask? reps on the phone 'generaly' have more resource to answer your question than SA staffed in store. hope you can wait list for what you looking for, BTW i recall a tPF member posted she found out new color from bond street, that includes yellow, red, orange, and purple...can you wait list internationally?

    here is the link i was thinking about, hope this helps ^^ Summer Colors
  3. You should print pictures and be armed with them next time you go to the boutiques.
  4. it would certainly help avoid the "you're making bags up" looks I got today! :hysteric:
  5. Perhaps they will not be carrying that bag in Europe. It happens all the time with Gucci bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. I will see a bag on the gucci website, or shoes in the Jimmy Choo catalogue, call the store and they tell me that they never ordered it. I've heard so many times that the US stores do not carry the same items as overseas. Or sometimes, the department stores order certain colours while the Chanel stores order something different. I'm not sure if this is the case, but good luck with your search.
  6. When i was in Paris in May I asked LV if they had the new Damier speedy in yet (which was due to be released just 2 weeks later) and they all looked at me like I had two heads and said that it had to be special ordered. But I told them "well let me be the first to tell you about it" LOL. I dont think Paris stores are kept as up to date as you'd think.
  7. Jillybean and I bought our Chanels at both places.I personally dont think they KNOW their product.I had a BETTER experience at Ave Montaigne Chanel..Bought a cruise bag and shoes there..But they didnt seem real chatty.Perhaps its JUST what they get in Europe.Lots of times ONLY one country gets a release in a certian color.