Frustrating H experience...getting Etain Lindy


Aug 4, 2006
Hi everyone,

A while back I had started a thread because I was on the fence between a gold and etain Lindy (30 cm in Clemence), here I am 6 months later and still Lindy-less!

I had begun my quest for the Lindy in June-the store had a gold 30 cm at that time but when I saw the swatch for the stain, I decided to wait and the SA said it should arrive approximately around August.

August came-no call and I had called end of Sept/beginning of Oct to inquire on its whereabouts. I was reassured that I was the first on the list for the Etain Lindy. December came-I am now getting a bit irritated because this is a fall 2011 bag and told that it would have been here in August. I was told this time there is a delay in Paris and it should be in around Feb 2012 now.

A bit frustrated....anyone experiencing the same thing with A/W 2011 bags? I feel as if I'm getting a runaround. I understand it's Hermes and supply can never meet demand but it's a bit ridiculous here.

In addition, inbetween my phone calls, I had went to the H store (which is not where I live) to check it out and saw an Etain Evelyne which I can't say I liked too much but I didn't inquire about the leather type to see if it would be the same as the Lindy. Does anyone have a picture of the Etain Lindy??

On that trip as well, this full time SA was telling me that the SA I was with is a part time SA and it's harder for them to get you your bag because they are only there occasionally but if I went with a full time SA, it would be easier for them to keep tabs on their clients-that was something that quite turned me off-so are you hinting that if I switched to a full time SA like you, I would get my bag??? Never had that happened at Chanel, BV, Celine, even at Nordstroms or Saks!

A big SIGH! It looks bleak-perhaps H is just not my thing!


Aug 9, 2010
hang in there.. H can sometimes be frustrating but i find well worth it once you get your bag.. :hugs:


Jan 17, 2009
Well hermes is known for it's delays and on and off attitude also it has an odd way of making things happen but when they do it's magic so I hope you get your bag soon darling and of luck!!!


Jun 4, 2006
Same here. Some colors didn't arrive yet, so don't worry, it's not like in Chanel that a bag becomes "old" if it's from a previous collection. Hermes doesn't really have the "collection" issue.
For the SA, yes, I would switch to a full time one.
Apr 15, 2007
at Hermes thins do turn up...maybe around the corner for Christmas??

holiday inventory still coming in at least here in NY


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Feb 26, 2009
Behind the Orange Curtain
yes. the SAs are not trying to give you a hard time, although sometimes it is hard to believe. however, not even SMs know when the orders they placed will come in, if they ever come in!

H items are not so seasonal, so I would not worry about when you will get a "fall" bag.

as items arrive in store, if you work with a dedicated SA, s/he will keep you in mind and try to get the bag reserved for you (and even harder for b/k if you are not regular shopper.) if not, yes, you just have to rely on luck a lot of times. having said that, it is not impossible, just that you have to be very lucky or very diligent in calling the store every week to check!

good luck and hope you find your bag very soon!
Sep 3, 2009
Jadeite said:
here's an Etain (swift) Lindy. next to it is Lime.
Hi, may I know the durability of the swift lindy? Easily get scratch or any wear on the corner of the bag??

Mindi B

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Jan 29, 2007
State of Denial
I am still waiting for a Birkin Club in the Etain combo which I discussed with my SA over a year ago. The bag has arrived in some areas, but not at my boutique. . . another mystery of Hermes. Hang in there; it is entirely possible that your store just hasn't gotten that Lindy yet.
Mar 26, 2009
I can understand it's very frustrating for you but I don't think the SA was playing any games with you. They really don't know for sure what comes in when. Although I would build a relationship with a full time SA too. It will be easier to keep an eye out for things if an SA is working full time.
Aug 28, 2009
Last year i ordered 2 classic H buckle belt ( two side color) the SA said i can get them october but when oct came do call from the store, so i waited till nov, still no call so i went to the store and they said the SA that got my order was a part-time so maybe your order went to another customer WTH, so i switched to full time SA and i got both belts on december. The belts was gift for my dad birthday but he got it for christmas lol. It's better to build relationship with full time SA :smile::smile:


Oct 9, 2012
I agree with the others. Initially I thought that the SA's were unhelpful but after reading the various posts here it seems that the SA's themselves sometimes don't know when the next stock will arrive. I've not had any luck getting a Birkin myself! But I guess we just need to keep trying.


Aug 17, 2011
in H'land
As far as I know (at least for H store in my country), SAs never promise the customer about exact time they are getting the bag. The best they can do is to give estimate time. Reason being, shipment from Paris itself is never according to schedule. The stores may/may not be getting their inventories late.