Frustrating Experience

  1. Hi all,

    Okay, just have to vent.

    Last week, I was lucky enough to find a medium chocolate sig Ergo hobo for myself at a local department store. JAX and the local boutiques were out of them when I called. After seeing my new bag, my mom decided she wanted one too since it was a great deal at $188. One boutique called and said they had located one at another store and could ship it to me. Great! Now mom can have that bag! I stopped at the boutique, ordered the bag and requested that it be shipped to my home without a signature requirement.

    Upon receiving the e-mail shipment confirmation, the SA had ordered the wrong size. I was frustrated, but called and she easily ordered the correct one. So now, I just had to return the incorrect order once received. Not too bad. Well, the incorrect order was shipped 'direct signature required' so I physically had to go to my FedEx facility over my lunch break to get the bag. Not only was it the wrong size, but it was khaki/plum instead of brown/mahoghany. I immediately returned it to the closest boutique (not the one I originally ordered from) and surprise! they had the bag I wanted sitting on the shelf. I was afraid that my other shipment would also be incorrect so I bought it and figured I could return it if necessary. Well, it's a good thing I bought it b/c the bag that was sent was khaki/mahogany even though all of the paperwork in the box said brown/mahogany. So I called the store where the orders were placed and explained how frustrated I was with the wrong shipments, having to go to FedEx and the boutiques to return. I basically got an 'Oh, I'm sorry, at least you have your bag though.' The only reason that I have my bag is that I randomly found it on my own and purchased it!

    This aggravation and running around was so unnecessary! Plus, this is the same boutique where I had placed an order for the holidays and that order vanished into thin air. Luckily I was able to find that bag elsewhere.


    Sorry for the long post, just had to get that out. I feel better now!
  2. That's ridiculous!
  3. You should get some compensation of some sort for all of your trouble! How annoying to have to go through all of that! I would write a letter to corporate to see what happens.
  4. Meanwhile, which boutique was this, so we all know to avoid placing orders there! LOL. Glad it turned out okay but what a hassle.
  5. Wow, customer service is bad at a lot of places and people don't really care much about how much time you have to waste. I know this is not the same thing but 98 percent of the time when I get food ordered or go to the drive through, my order is wrong. People don't seem to listen or don't care. I always say why do they even have menus when you just end up getting whatever the hell they give you anyway so it is good you checked ! much time is wasted on such things and time is our most valuable thing !
  6. It's the Coach in Chicago at 625 N. Michigan Ave. I guess they're not responsible for the wrong bag being shipped by another store, but still!
  7. Good idea! I'm going to have to do that!
  8. Ooh boy, I'm sorry that happened to you :sad: It's so frustrating when one of your favorite brands seems so disorganized. When a company has great, high-quality products, you expect the service to be the same. I've read a few other threads on here from people who had problems with orders & shipment, too. I hope your & your mom's bags are gorgeous though & worth the aggravation - just think of all you went through to get them! true love for coach, hehe :smile:
  9. I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your Coach orders. You'd think that the SA could have been more understanding and sympathetic. After all, the bad customer service you received reflects on the company overall. I'd definitely recommend speaking to the store manager about this. Congratulations to you and your mom on the chocolate Ergo hobos!
  10. Oh my gosh that is so horribul! I am sorry that you had to go through that!
  11. WOW... I never have issues with that store. Sorry for your trouble. I think the manager's name is Scott? I would definitely call them and complain to the manager.

  12. Scott was who I spoke to yesterday b/c my SA wasn't in!

    I think I may just go through corporate....
  13. what a joke.. sorry you had to go through all that but I am glad you were able to find the right bag.. no thanks to anyone but you! :yes:
  14. Wow, how frustrating! If it weren't for YOUR diligence, you'd still end up with the wrong bag!! It's just so difficult to rely on others to do their jobs lately!
  15. Hi again,

    So I e-mailed corporate (off of on my issue and received the following response:

    "Thank you for your e-mail.
    We are sorry to learn that you have had an unpleasant experience with COACH.
    We especially want to thank you for taking the time to
    bring this to our attention. Our consumers are very
    important to us, and we want to know when the quality
    of our service is not meeting your standards.
    Please reply with the following information below as
    we will be sharing it with the appropriate department
    for review:
    Home Address:
    Daytime Number:
    Time of visit:
    Date of visit:
    Name or Description of Associate:
    Your comments regarding the consumer service at our
    stores are very important to us. We will be sharing
    this information with the appropriate department for

    COACH Online Consumer Service

    So does this mean they won't do anything for me?