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  1. I go to the King of Prussia Mall this past weekend expecting to pick up a speedy. What is the deal with LV not having speedy bags?

    I was so depressed I had to get a pair of Chanel glasses to cheer me up. :yahoo:
  2. That would definately cheer me up, I really love Chanel sunglasses. Hang in there Speedy's will be coming back in stock...eventually:smile:
  3. I think it's probably an "artificial" shortage- to keep demand high and supply low right now. I dont remember it being this bad last year though but I think maybe the economy is bad and LV knows what they're drive up the desire for bags! Once people know there's a shortage, more people will want to scoop them up. Kind of like I just bought a new pair of Ugg boots yesterday (should've bought them over the summer!) since last winter when I wanted a second pair, all the good colors were sold out.
  4. Did you check Saks on City Ave?
  5. The Speedy will get to you soon. Just like me waiting for the Totally which were in full stock last week and now all gone. Should've bought one when I had the chance.
  6. They are probably going to stock like crazy closer to the holidays. Have you considered ordering from LV? I agree with the artificial shortage theory, produces a frenzy for the goods.

    I ordered a Speedy from LV a couple of years ago right before New Year's Day and received one produced literally 2 weeks earlier. I'm assuming 3 weeks for it to leave France, arrive at USA warehouse before shipping out. I was pleasantly surprised!
  7. I thought about buying online, but it's the whole purchasing the bag at the boutique that I really enjoy. :smile:
  8. ^ funny, i'm the complete opposite ...I would rather buy online... the SA's make me nervous :lolots:
    hope you get your speedy soon..
  9. Yup I tried to buy a NF for my sister and my SA told me that the stock shortage is because of the summer holidays, slow in production. Not sure how much I believe that, but I'm sure that's what LV corporate told him to tell everyone :thinking:

    i agree that they are going to over stock for the holidays. I just hope there is no price increase before then!
  10. That's so weird about them being out of Speedy bags. It's such a popular style. I totally agree that the artificial shortage theory might be at play. LV must rely on communities like ours to catch wind of a "shortage", spread the news, and then we're all supposed to run like lemmings to scoop up whenever we can.

    Ordering online is a great option! I buy most of my bags that way because I'm not near a boutique. If you call LV's toll free # and order over the phone, the Customer Service Reps are likely to fall all over you and treat you like royalty-- so you get the warm and fuzzy experience of the boutique without the intimidating SAs :smile:

    Congrats on your sunglasses purchase, too!
  11. Same thing happened to me but with the Neverfull Azur MM, I had to buy a Gucci Sukey instead... I've never known LV to have this drastic of a shortage either...