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  1. I have a gift certificate my sis gave me for my b-day, so I went to the LV on Bloor today intending to get a white MC koala bracelet to match my new MC speedy. They didn't have a small, and the medium was too big. So I went over to check the LV in Holt's. They had a small, but it was black. However, the small did fit perfectly. So I decided to try the S-lock bracelet instead. Well, LV had that in small, but it was black too! So I came home empty-handed (in terms of LV items) :sad:. Why can't they keep these things in stock??? I just wanted to vent my frustration.
  2. :sad: sorry to hear, any idea when they will have a white sm koala?
  3. I forgot to mention, that's the really annoying part, the SA said that they don't get them in very often. He said it is difficult to find size Small! I don't understand why this would be....
  4. And your SA couldn't offer to locate one for you????
  5. I asked if I could order one, and he said I'd have to wait until the store received more :shocked:. I just called LV and they put in a request to have one sent from the distribution center to the Bloor location, but it could take two weeks. I could have just had one delivered to me, but them I wouldn't have been able to use my gift certificate...
  6. Patience!!! Relax and it will come. If they always had everything in stock, then we wouldn't WANT it sooo bad. Glad you figured out your size, you'll get one;)
  7. Argh, annoying !

    Well, at least you were able to check out the sales at Holts right ? ;)
  8. OMG!!! You guys aren't going to believe this...someone just called me from the Bloor store and said they found one in stock!! It was in the wrong drawer or I'm going back tomorrow to get it! I'm happy and really annoyed at them at the same time!

    ayla - I actually didn't go upstairs to check out the sales...I 've spent too much lately, so I didn't want to torture myself by looking.
  9. Yeah! Good for you! Pic when you get it, please?
  10. Congrat's, glad they found one for you. Post pic's when you get it :biggrin:
  11. That's really good to hear ! :yes:

    I wasn't actually too impressed by the sales.. they always seem to be better in the states anyways ! :Push:
  12. I'm glad they found you one!! I can't wait to see it.
  13. yay, that's great to hear! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks everyone, will post pics when I get it :smile:
  15. Yay! Can't wait to see pics!