1. :crybaby:I had to give my bengal kitty away to one of my husband's co-workers. She is such a great cat, but I was too worried about my new baby getting scratched. Plus, I live in a house where we are not allowed to have pets. She was gone for a month and I was doing ok. I missed her like crazy but I wasnt crying or anything. Then today, this co-worker just brings Lucy (our kitty) into work and says she cant keep her. Our lease doesnt end for another month and she had agreed to hang on to her at least until then.

    And the thing I dont understand is, she said she didnt want to work at getting Lucy to get along with her cats unless she could keep Lucy. I told her if Lucy was happy by the time our lease ended then she could keep her. I know its stressful on cats to be moved around. I only want Lucy to be happy.

    At least Lucy remembers us and our home. She seems ok being back here. But I dont want to get caught with her! Our landlords are so nice. We have never made them mad before and I dont want to start now!

    Who wouldnt want a cat that fetches and cuddles with you every night??? :shrugs:
  2. Oh, no! This is terrible.

    Maybe a member of TPF would want her? Bengals are fabulous cats.

    I am sooo allergic to cats, or else I would totally take her!

    Let me know if you need me to help you...there are alot of cat rescues in the Valley...I am sure a purebred Bengal would be adopted very quickly!
  3. ^^ I def need to adopt her out. But it must be a to a home where there are no other cats. I think she needs to be an only cat. Shes cool with dogs though.

    I dont want to take her anywhere where she would be put into a cage. Thats my problem.

    If anyone knows anyone near Scottsdale that wants her, I would love to talk to them. I bought her for $500 when she was tiny. She is def an amazing cat!
  4. ^^ Thank you. I will look into that.
  5. If you got her from a breeder, have you contacted them? Most responsible breeders will take back their animals for the duration of that animal's life. I do. (I have dogs, not cats)
  6. Another thought is to talk to your landlord......perhaps with an extra deposit for cleaning or damages you will be allowed to keep her. I was a landlord and I allowed this.....(but I am an animal lover)...

    As for Lucy scratching your baby, I never had that problem, when she was little, my DD never pulled my cats tail or anything, I always said the word gentle over and over....she actually thought that was the cats name for a while!!! The cat steered pretty clear of the baby anyway....

    Not trying to make it more complicated, but since you have her back, maybe its meant to be?