1. hi all,
    i got my ergo indigo patchwork hobo the other's really beautiful, but, i also love the khaki patchwork, i called coach and i was assured that the suede patch on the ergo hobo was made from green suede...i brought the indigo pw in to exchange it and did the exchange and was told i'd be getting the khaki one either tomorrow or, i called back to thank the SA and then she told me that the patch in suede is NOT green, it's white...the only reason i made the exchange is because green is my favorite color...arrgghh...anyway, i'm going to keep the khaki one and just throw a green key fob on it...
    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    thanks for letting me vent!!!
  2. i think thats a good choice....the khaki is actually very pretty in the patchwork...the blue patchwork, i'm definately not loving so much, but thats just me!!!!!
    post pics when you receive
  3. You exchanged the indigo patchwork hobo?!??!:wtf:
    Do you happen to have a pic of it before you brought it back?
    Best to get a bag you really like. Hope the khaki color makes you happy!
    I'll be buying my patchwork indigo in the next couple of weeks!:yes:
  4. adding a green charm (or even ponytail scarf) is a GREAT option because you can switch it up to match your daily outfits.
  5. Cool, can't wait to see a pic.
  6. Please do post pictures when you receive your bag.
    I am trying to decide on which Patchwork bag to buy.
    Congrats on your purchase!