1. has anyone had this problem...i just tried to order a bbag from Saks in fl...i live in ny and the transaction goes through but the sa can't get an approval to ship it to anyone of my addresses including my billing address?! how frustrating is that! what do you do...i've tried calling the bank and they said it's nothing on their end...just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
  2. Sorry but why is that?:shrugs: i am not understanding the problem.:confused1:
  3. i know...i don't understand the problem either...but Saks keeps saying that they can't ship it to any address...they can't get authorization for any address that i give them including the billing address...which makes no sense esp since the charge went through on my card
  4. :confused1:
  5. Is your billing address the same as your card? Perhaps they can transfer it to Saks in NY and you can pick it up from there. :idea:
  6. i asked...they don't do transfers at sad...the billing address is the same...yet they won't approve it...really weird right?
  7. This happened to me a store recently for the first time, I could not believe it. They told me my address didn't match...huh?? I was a bit upset.

    The problem with mine and probably yours is, the merchant verification service Saks uses probably has your information in their system wrong.

    Have the Saks SA call the number on the back of your CC directly to verify your address and info. My SA did this and verified my info was correct. Their merchant service verif. company was wrong.

    This should work...Good luck!
  8. That is really weird. :confused1: I would speak to store manager. Stores do transfer items and i don't understand why they can't.:shrugs: NM has done it for me in the past. You really need to speak to some one in charge.:yes:
  9. thanks guys i will try both tomorrow when they open again!
  10. Your welcome. You'll get it resolved.

    I ordered over the phone from a store out of state, gave all my neccessary info including my CC info.

    The SA called me back and said they could not verify my address, said everything was correct except the street name and number. I told him that could not be true... made me feel like the SA could have thought I was trying to pass a stolen CC.
    He asked me for the number on the back of my CC, called and sure enough verified my info was correct with my bank directly. It must have been a computer input error on the part of the merchant services company they use.

    It all worked out in the end as I'm sure it will for you.
  11. Saks doesn't do store transfers, unfortunately