Frustrated with the Speedy 30

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  1. I got a Speedy 30 from Saks in Naples, FL. It was a gift from my g-ma. I wanted to know how you all carry your Speedy. I usually carry it on my arm but I was wondering if anyone has bought the monogrammed strap or not. Does it look weird? I was thinking of getting on for x-mas. Just wanted to see what ya'll were doing :smile:

  2. I either hand-carry or wear my speedy on the crook of my arm. The strap is doable, I just don't see it often and am not personally fascinated by it.
  3. I carry my mono speedy on my arm, but with my damier speedy and the different handles I carry it in my hands sometime.
  4. Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I was just thinking of starting a poll on it.
  5. I would love it if the handles were just a little bigger. I've even emailed LV and asked then to put different handles on it:nuts: ...I don't want to sell it b/c my g-ma gave it to me as a gift and she isn't doing well. It's kind of a sentimental thing. But I don't want to dislike the bag....
  6. I usually carry it in my hand... because if I carry it in the crook of my arm, it tends to bump into everything and everyone else.

    I don't really like the strap... It makes the bag look kind of funny.
  7. I have 3 Speedies (30 Mono, 25 Damier, 30 Damier) and have straps: adjustable brown strap for Damiers, and a Vachetta strap (not adjustable) and a Mono adjustable strap that I bought for my Deauville but can also use with the Mono Speedy. I think the straps are very useful and always leave them attached to my bags. Especially comes in handy when you are in a public restroom and don't want to put your bag down anywhere!
  8. Yeah, GROSS! The germs and bacteria you can pick up off the floor of a public restroom or restaurant is horrendous.
  9. :wtf: Changing the handles on an iconic bag??!??! That would look sooo weird!!!
  10. agree with you on this one:yes:
  11. Haha so maybe the strap would look kind of weird but I wish that it had straps like the lockit...oh well...
  12. i'm not a big fam of straps so it's a no-go for me :smile:
  13. I don't like it personally with the strap either. I can see where it would be useful, but it just doesn't look quite right to me.
  14. I agree - I just don't like the strap :sad:
  15. I think the strap looks weird, too. This is why I haven't bought a Speedy yet. I tend to throw every bag on my shoulder, and I think it would drive me nuts.