Frustrated with poor management!! Grr!! *bites back!*

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  1. WARNING: This is VERY long.

    Okay so I live in these apartments that are suppose to be great, and wonderful, and absolutely amazing!! With lots of tennis courts, mulitipal swimming pools, hot tubs, gyms, country club, 24 hour securtity, and 24 hour maintenece... It doesn't come cheap, so don't you expect some good service!?!? Not for me, I get totally the opposite! It's pathetic! It's pathetic! There is this lady in the office who is to say nicely.. Has a damn stick up her ass at the least!!

    One time I got a phone call from UPS saying they had a package there and I wasn't home. I then said to leave it at the office. I go out of my way to check the office hours. (by the time I wake up from school, the office is still closed. And when I come home from work, they are closed.) The next day I go out of my way to pick it up but it's closed!? It says "closed for an hour [lunch] come back at 4." But the sign next to it shows the operating hours, and it says the lunch hour is from 2-3 so they are suppose to be open at 3. But here they are, slacking off, eating lunch this late! I'm really irritated because I've been wanting this package for some time and I know I don't have open time to come to the office when they are open to get my package. I leave a note saying how this is a demonstration of poor service. If they say they are open from a certain time to another time, they need to stick to those hours! A week later when I have the time to go in, this lady whom I don't know her name recongnizes me. (because I've come in before I moved in, asking for something behalf of my Mom [who lives there] and she refused unless I knew all this personal information. I was sick of it, and called my Mom and had her talk to her. Stupid lady thought I was lying that it wasn't my Mom!) and ignores me and talks on a personal phone call. I just go to the pile of UPS packages I see and peep (not touch) to see if I see my name on any packages. She then gets all bent out of shape and says, "Excuse you, can I help you??" I tell her I'm here to pick up a package, and that I came last week and they were close eating lunch. She then realizes it was me who left that note, and immediately gets into b*tch mode. She asks for my name. I tell her, and she says, "It's not here." I say, "We'll I got a phone call from UPS last night and they said they dropped it here." Blah blah, she babbles on saying it's not here. And tells me I need ID with the exact name, exact spelling or else she can't give it to me because I could be lying. (The package I knew was mispelled because the reciept from the company had my first and last name spelt wrong). I just leave and when my Mom comes home, I tell her. The next day my Mom goes in there, and the lady is just all freaking smiles and hands her the package!! No ID or anything!! I swear, she just doesn't like me! (I think maybe because she saw my bag, and I saw hers. And her Goach bag just wasn't cutting it?!)

    So recently this lady is doing everything to piss me off. We all have one assigned parking spot, and we can rent additional spots for $40 a month. (We have an extra spot that we pay for, and I've came home to a car in my spot that I've had to tow 3 times! One time I come home early [before 6] and theres a car in my spot. I walk over to the office and the same Goach lady tells me she can't move it because it's before 6. I'm thinking, why on Earth does it matter if it's before or after 6?! It's my damn spot I pay for monthly! She said the towing service only tows after 6. So what, people can park in my spot and not get towed as long as they leave at 6?? So that's like parking in my spot for half the day. I should only pay half the $40!) There is also a limited (very limited) amount of guest parking. Well, about months ago I saw a car that was completely broken down. It was an oober old mercedes that had it's muffler broken laying on the floor!! Spiderwebs and all! Even leaves piled up under the tires! I went into the office and this guy named Cliff was there. (he's nice!) He then agree'd with me that it's not fair to other tentants and their guest to never park there because someone thinks this parking spot is storage. He immediately comes with me and tags the car with a little green sticker. The very next day it is gone. A week or two passes on, and I see that a green Ford Focus has been parked in a guest parking spot for days. I wait, until a week later to know for sure people aren't moving it. Like wise as the Mercedes this car's got a busted front end, spider webs, and leaves all over it. Plus dirt all over because it's park under a tree. It looks a mess!! I walk over to the office to tell someone there, and this lady (The one that's never liked me before!) greets me with a smirk, "Hellllo. What can I help you with?" And I tell her politely about the car. She immediately says, "Well just because it's parked there, I can't move it." And I then proceed to tell her, "I was just here last week and Cliff was able to move another car that was similar like this. Broken down and there for days!" She then is baffled caught in her own lie and says, "I'll see what I can do." She doesn't follow me out to see or mark the car. She doesn't do it for 3 days. I guess she didn't beleive me even though it clearly looks like it's been there for days. (and it's fine, I'm assuming it's right for management to make sure it's been parked there for at least 72 hours [which is what I do] to make sure they can make it as an abandoned car) well, two weeks past from this day, and the car is still there. She's so lazy and doesn't even check up on this car to make sure it's gone. I go online to write the management company (probaby her reading the letter though) and tell them how upset I am. I tell them the other times I've received less than mediocor service from this one partiuclar lady. I ask for the owner's contact information and tell them to move the car. No reply. I write back 3 weeks later, explaining the same crap as before, and saying how now I'm really upset about her and the service here, saying if it's not moved I'm going to go through the police/ community reservation to get the care removed. Fast forward to a monthish later. The damn car is still there. And I just called management because there are two numbers to call for abandoned cars, private or public. I call and a lady answers all sweet sounding. Not sure if its her because I don't know the lady's name/ But the person who answered says her name is "Antunette" and I then say, "Hi, I'm calling the Hayward Police Department, and I need to know if the guest parking is under public or private property." Antunette doesn't exactly know what to say, and pauses. "It's private" she answers with a crude attitude. I say, "Okay thank you." I think Antunette thinks because she said it was private (and it is) I can't tow it. Little does she know, I can. And I did. And the Police Department is going to also contact the building owners and tell them they have an abandoned car on their property. And then finally I hope they know that this rude lady working there DID put a sticker on the car, but was too lazy to do her job and remove it the car.

    It's like, what kind of service is it when the tenants have to handle removing cars from guest parking?! I have no idea what to do with this lady. I can NEVER get through higher management because she screens calls/emails/letters. What is wrong with this freaking lady!? I just want her out of that office. She's so rude!!

    If you got through this LOOOONG story, thanks.
  2. Wow....I can't imagine how annoying it must be to have to deal with such mediocre and downright rude and ineffective service, especially when YOUR hard earned money (rent) pays for it! Are you sure there's not a way to get around her to talk to someone higher up at the management company?
  3. Get your contract out about the extra car space and read the policy... I am sure you would have seen something on there about the apparent "6pm" parking time. How frustratung for you... in yet you are at her mercy... if you want anything it will probably have to be through her. Write a complaint letter or something if you can - what a cow.