FRUSTRATED with MJ Savannah shipping!!!

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  1. Hey girls...apologies in advance for my poor attitude...

    I am so frustrated at MJ Savannah right now I could just scream!!! :cursing:

    I ordered some MbMJ special items from them last Thursday afternoon (wouldn't go out until Friday) and I still have not received my package! I have never had it take this long to receive anything before. I even called yesterday and they told me it would come yesterday, and still today there was nothing! When I called the SA said since they are a new store they are experiencing problems getting their shipping organized.

    I just hate to be told something is gonna be here when it's not. Plus, three of the items were for a friend of mine's birthday, which is tonight!! Now I have to go empty handed and give the old "the package didn't come" excuse! I hate that!

    I just don't get why we pay a 20 dollar flat rate for shipping when we have nothing to show for it. When I ordered I asked the SA if I would have my items by Wednesday and he said, "Definitely." Not maybe, definitely! I would have paid the extra cost for express shipping, but the dude said DEFINITELY!

    I have ordered from MJ collection stores NUMEROUS times and I have never had to call and inquire about a package because everything always arrives so quickly. Sorry I'm flipping out, but I'm just irritated!

    Now girls, I am NOT an angry person. In fact I consider myself extremely patient. I hate complaining about anything, and dread money is my money! When I have to pay 20 bucks for 2 day shipping, I expect my package to be here in two days!

    P.S. Feel free to ignore this thread if you find me whiny, I can be that way at times. :shrugs:
  2. Do you guys think it would be unreasonable to complain?? I'm not thinking too clearly about it right now!
  3. before you get worked up (maybe too, you should ask them for a tracking number for your package. that way you can see if it was the store's fault or the post office (you'll see the "package received" date.)
  4. ^good idea...I did call yesterday and the SA tracked it for me so I didn't get the number. It'd probably be good to do my own tracking.

  5. I agree with you that paying a $20 shipping fee is a high one so packages should arrive on time because of that! I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I ordered my Pan Am weekender bag on Friday afternoon and got it on Monday afternoon. It must be the shipping company's (which I believe is Fed Ex) fault. Did the store offer some sort of credit for the shipping? It's not much consolation though I know...:sad: Keep us posted on what happens.
  6. ^Thanks Cheryl! I appreciate your support! I realize it's not too big of a deal, but I was just really frustrated.

    I called MJ Savannah to ask for my tracking number and talked to the same SA I worked with last week. He said that although I placed the order on Thursday, he didn't enter it until Saturday, therefore the shipping delay.

    He was like, "Sorry!"
  7. ^^What? That's just not right! I can understand maybe not placing the order until Friday, but Saturday? I would definitely be mad.
  8. Oh my gosh! and all he said was "sorry..." that is crappy!! i would be mad now for sure!! they should credit back your shipping or something!

    that sucks about the stuff being for you friends birthday! I always get nervous about cutting stuff like that close, but you asked and definitely means DEFINITELY...right??!
  9. Thanks moodysmom! I'm headed off to the birthday party now...and I'm sure my friend will understand...but I'm still pouting!

    I'll just have a margarita to drown my sorrows!:drinkup:
  10. I'm sorry to hear this. I ordered the pan am bag from the Savannah store and the package came via FedEx the next day. I guess you should not use that SA again. Mine wrote me a thank you note and called the next week to make sure I got it--he was very nice.
  11. When I ordered the Pan Am bag it was shipped via FedEx overnight. It is unreasonable for them to charge you so much for shipping and not have it shipped in a timely manner. I think you should ask them to credit back your shipping charges.
  12. I agree, they need to refund you those shipping charges, esp since the guy knew how important it was for you to get your package in a timely matter. If you need to, ask for the supervisor! Sometimes those MBMJ SAs are kids and don't know any better.
  13. what a shame....Definately get yer shipping money back and talk to the manager
  14. Thanks everyone! Y'all are so sweet! I'm going to give them a call today and speak with the manager. I hate complaining, but I think it's worth it. Hopefully my package will arrive today, and I'll have it when I get home. I'm still excited about it! :smile:
  15. I would complain... I called after two days had elapsed and my last mbmj order still hadn't arrived (being shipped from the ny store). I asked for a tracking number and tracked the package.

    It seems insane to pay $20 for shipping and not get the item within the two days as promised. My order didn't arrive until two days after I had called for the tracking number.

    I wonder if I should complain too?... I totally think you should. The fact that your SA didn't enter in the order until DAYS after you placed it is unacceptable customer service.