Frustrated with LV :(

  1. Ok so here is my little rant and you can all tell me if I am being silly lol

    As I posted in another post I bought a mini lin cles and a bandeau as early presents for myself ha ha. I love the bandeau but the mini lin was snagged and just didn't live up to what I thought it would. So I called the store and was told to send it back and once they received it they would call me to complete the return. I also want to buy a credit card holder for me and my fiance. It has now been three days since they received it. I have called everyday since Monday and I keep getting told they are busy on the floor and someone will call me back. I understand the stores are all busy but my business is still business and no different then those who walk in the store. It literally takes them 5 mins to complete my sales ( I can't touch and feel and hum and ha lol and ask to see this and that) and I know in person it takes much longer. I can not drive there all the time so ordering over the phone works for me and we do not have the option of ordering off the net yet in Canada.

    What drives me crazy is there is a cut off for getting things before Christmas and if they do not get it done tomorrow am my fiance does not get his credit card holder and neither do I. I am a good customer in just a few months I have bought a lot of LV items and plan to buy a lot more. I feel like not dealing with them now because they obviously do not want my business.

    So what should I do??? And am I being ridiculous? :cursing:
  2. i would ask to speak to the manager. surely they must know that people only phone if they want help, why else would you call them?
  3. hmmm... you're right that they should call you back, but I think one of the main "rules" in retail is that one must ALWAYS serve the customer who's there in person first (unless it's a super special VIP/VIC I guess).... or at least that's what I was told by both my mom and this other employer I had ages ago....
  4. See the difference I see is I am calling to order where as so many people in the store are just looking and if that is the case then they need internet ordering so people like me who have a far drive and have working hours that do not allow me to go a way to buy. It just makes me feel like spending my money else where somewhere that wants to serve me :sad: lol
  5. I would just be persisent about it. And I would always ask to speak to my original SA.... I also noticed that at some of the bigger LV stores have snooty employees. You should also try calling another LV boutique.
  6. I think you shouldn't stress too much on this. You need to understand that it's near Christmas time, and it's probably one of the busiest time of the year for LV stores (and not just LVs but also other shops).

    There are more people coming to the store - yes, maybe they just look around and not buy straight away like you. However, if you are a walk-in customers (whether you buy or not) and you got ignored by the SAs because they want to take someone's order on the phone I think you would be pissed too. I would... some people will also probably say that the SAs only chase for commisions/sales, etc and not giving good services.

    The LV store here in Beijing considers me a VIC, and I usually just send my SA an SMS if I want something that I want to order or waitlist. Usually it takes her 30mins max to reply back, but these past few days she has been really busy at the store as there are more customers this time of the year. This time, it took her MUCH longer to reply back.

    I guess if you really want to get the items that you want, you can go to the store (or other stores) or try calling other stores in your area/country.
  7. ive_flipped, i assume you're talking about the bloor store...try the holt's store if they're too busy.

    otherwise, i agree with the others - ask to speak with the manager.
  8. Yes I am talking about bloor lol I would try holt's but I have to get the mini lin return finished with bloor :sad: I guess I will have to ask for the manager because if it's left to long it will get forgotten there.
  9. The longer you wait to speak with someone the greater the chance your mini lin cles is going to get misplaced there - I would call and let them know "I"ve already called three times and told to call back, I no longer have the time to call once again, i need this taken care of, and if you cannot help me, please let me speak with a manager" They may not be happy, but at least you get taken care of.
  10. Needanotherbag- Thank-you. I agree totally that it will get misplaced so tomorrow I will call again and make sure it is taken care of.
  11. They should've taken care of your business better. I agree with others that you should ask for a manager, and let him/her know that you've already called 3 times. Hopefully the manager will get it done.:yes:

    I have a question for you though, what did you get for your every day purse? I bought many purses from LV to Gucci to Coach this year, but haven't found a bag that I can carry to work everyday.:throwup:
  12. That's ridiculous! They should've taken care of it by now. I'd call tomorrow and ask for a manager.
  13. Yeah, good luck with that. The Bloor store is so arrogant and they never return phone calls. You will never be put thru to the manager either - and the manager is the worst offender for not returning calls.
    Been there, done that....called numerous times and asked for the manager only to be told repeatedly he's with an 'important customer'.
    huh?! yeah, o.k. I guess they don't need my money. Nope, I'll take my business to another store - any other store for that matter.
  14. I agree with everyone else I would ask to speek with a manager and I would call when the store opens