Frustrated with Label360...

  1. Let me start of by saying that after way too long I finally got my return/exchange from them. I took the blue/lt grey matinee with silver hardware in exchange for a black MAM with gold hardware. To my surprise upon opening the box the hardware is gold and the dust bag is Goldenbleu and not RM!!! I can't deal with them anymore. I like the matinee but not the gold hardware. I was so excited and had been waiting forever to get my hands on this purse! I'm so annoyed at this point. Should I keep it or sell it on eBay? argh.
  2. Have you contacted them to tell them they made a mistake?
  3. Lemme get this straight now you have a blue/gray matinee with gold hardware, that came in a GoldenBleu dustbag?
  4. I emailed them as soon as I opened the box. I honestly don't want to deal with them anymore since this process is a bit much at this point.

    Yes! I got excited that it was purple-ish and that it kinda matched the purse. But I opened up the dust bag and it's not RM. Which is no biggie, but still.
  5. I still don't get it.

    You got the Matinee with Gold hw in a Goldenblue dustcover???

    I'd CALL them ASAP. Even if you plan on selling this bag wherever...I'd still call and make them aware of the mistake they made.

    And ask for the Manager.
  6. actually a similiar situation happened to me .. i wanted the sage mornin after w/ silver hardware. i asked if it came with silver hardware . and they said yes. i must have made sure like 10 times that the hardware was silver and they said yes. but then when it came in to them.. i asked what it looked like and made sure again it had silverhardware and they said it came with gold. and would double check why it wasnt silver. when they called rebecca minkoff they said that they never made it with silver hardware and they were sorry for the inconvenience. i was dissapointed .. but i had them send the bag anyway. i wound up really loving the color and even liked the gold hardware. so it worked out. but i was misinformed and that was a little dissapointing. they have however gone above and beyond after that incident. if u are unhappy with the bag i would just sell it if they dont accept returns. but in this case they should cause it as their mistake!
  7. You should call and ask for for Brittany. I've dealt with her before and she was very nice and competent. I'm sorry for what you've had to deal with.