Frustrated with Label 360

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  1. I am so frustrated with Label 360. I've been trying to get my refund for over 2 months now. Back in October I ordered a RM Niki with a discount code, the total was $450. Well weeks went by and I still hadn't received my order, I emailed them and they explained that the bag they had lin stock was damaged and they were hoping to get a new one in but it wasn't going to happen. Fine I appreciate their effort and I just asked them to credit my cc. No problem they would do it right away. Weeks pass I go on vacation come back and still no credit. They swear it's coming, it's being processed. Three days before Christmas they tell me that they can't credit my cc because it isn't the same card that I used to make the purchase the bag originally. It was the same card it had expired during this time but because the security code is different they consider it a new card. So now they will send me a check it was supposed to be mailed out on Dec 21. It is now Jan 9 and I still have no refund. They swear I will have it by Friday - I won't be holding my breath. What is with these websites - $450 is alot of money. Are they hoping I will just forget about it. I will never order from them again.

    Sorry for such a long post.:hysteric:
  2. I remember placing an order with Label 360 for an RM matinee that I later changed my mind about. SO...I cancelled the order, BUT they sent it to me anyways! I had to refuse the delivery and it was delivered back to them.

    The whole process took close to 4 weeks before I was credited. I paid INSTANTLY via PayPal into their system and was refunded the same way, only I had to "wait" for their payment/refund to me to "clear"

    I would only order with them if I was 100% sure of my purchase. And Brittany is EXCELLENT in terms of delivering the highest level of customer service for them.

    One of my 2 FAVE companies online right now is Belen Echandia and Muse Ten Customer service is the best of the best!
  3. I agree, $450 is a lot of money. I'd be p*ssed if I had to wait that long to get it back, especially considering it wasn't a return! Some retailers can process a refund the same day, so I know it's possible for all retailers to do so. Any excuse is totally lame and unacceptable, especially in this competitive market.

    In addition to the retailers Contessa mentioned, I also recommend Luna Boston. Their customer service is bar none.
  4. I also recommend Luna Boston. They are great about processing returns promptly and have great customer service. I only ordered from label 360 once and won't order from them again. I placed a pre-order for a bag and canceled it before it came in. They had already charged my card (which annoys me when companies do that before the item is in stock and/or shipped) and it took FOREVER for them to process my return. I never understand the "It can take two billing cycles to show up on your statement." When I return things to other online sites (Luna Boston, Revolveclothing, Shopbop) I get refunded immediately.

  5. OMG bagladynyc! I entirely understand what you are going through!! I ordered two RM bags and it took them a month to deliver the bags but it took too long and I didn't want it anymore so I canceled the order, but they shipped it anyways like what happened to Contessa. Well I returned everything by 12/14 or so and I still haven't gotten my refund yet either!!!:tdown: It's $820 total. I'm in the same boat as you and they are really not doing much or giving me any answers too. They just keep saying it's coming soon. I hope you get your refund soon!

    Good Luck!
  6. I guess we're all on the same boat. I pre-ordered the RM MAM black w/blackbasketweave and it took about a month and a half to arrive, after waiting so long I changed my mind and returned the bag on 12/14 (same day as Bluejey). Well I think you TPF'ers know how my story credit on my cc yet.
  7. This is terrible that this is happening to so many people. I don't know how a company stays in business with such terrible customer service. I have been dealing with Brittany but she hasn't really been much help. She says I should have my check by Friday so we'll see if it arrives tomorrow.

    I will never order from them again no matter how big the discount code!
  8. wow....these stories are really making me weary of label360!!! thanks for sharing!!!!
  9. ******never mind... I was thinking of someone else who always promotes another site, not label360.
  10. FINALLY I received my refund check in the mail today. Now I just hope the check is clears!!

    Those of you waiting for refunds/credits from Label360 just keep after them, be persisent and firm. I know I will never order anything from them again!
  11. I'm so happy you finally got the check!! Kudos to you for being persistent (although you shouldn't have had to have been, in the first place). Now go RUN and deposit it, before they go out of business! :p
  12. Two months for a refund? That totally unacceptable. Sorry to hear about your frustration. I've never had a reason to shop from them before, but I will think twice about doing it now.
  13. ugh, it took them about two months to refund a rebecca minkoff matinee that i decided i didn't want. i even cancelled it before they shipped it. it was terrible! that's why i loooooooooooooove luna boston! they are always so wonderful!!
  14. Well my frustration continues - I called Label360 on Jan. 2nd to inquire about my refund and was told that it had been processed on December 19th (but it could take up to 10 business days for the refund to show on my credit card). A month has passed since this "process" and I called my bank to see if there are any pending credits. To my suprise the bank rep couldn't find ANY. I call Label360 (again) today and this time I was told "we're processing the return NOW and it could take up to three weeks". :cursing: I can't believe this - a 30% discount isn't worth all the frustration and "run-arounds" that I and many others have been given. Lesson Learned - I'll stick to Luna Boston.
  15. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about all of these problems! I had a pretty good experience buying from label360 - but I didn't need to return anything. I definitely agree about sticking with Luna Boston - they are awesome! I have had to return 2 items to them and my refund was delayed on one. When i emailed about it, they got back to me within an hour and said they were so sorry, they had straightened it out, etc. And sure enough, my account was credited right away. Go LB!