Frustrated with his snoring

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  1. I have to be up in 3.5 hours for class and HIS snoring is getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I been trying to fall asleep for the past few hours but I can't. Now I brought my blanket out to the living room and I'm going to attempt to sleep out here...

    I can still hear his snoring through the walls.

  2. Have you tried the breathe-right nose strips on him? They work!

  3. Hehe, I was just chatting with a friend online, and he recommended me to go buy those ASAP! I will SURELY go buy those tomorrow.

  4. LOL... my dad snores, my older brother snores, my ex snored...and current BF takes the cake, though! He gets LOUD. :sos: And he got worse when his weight went up a bit...though he has since lost it, it's gotten better, but is still loud!

    I actually worry, b/c I think he suffers from sleep apnea in addition to the snoring, but he won't go to a sleep clinic to get tested.

    I used to flip around on the bed (sleep w/my head by his feet) b/c not only was he loud, i could also feel the vibrations of his snoring thru the mattress & pillows. Sometimes I'd move to the floor (w/a futon) or out of the room completely.....otherwise I'd wake up feeling like this: :noggin:

    Now, since then, I've come to realize that "I can't change him, i can only change me":roflmfao:.....I've gotten used to sleeping with earplugs.:tup:...nice, squishy foam ones that block up to 33decibels...and I finally get a good nights sleep...all I hear is the sound of my own breathing...very soothing. :sleepy: I recommend it!
  5. I was going to say earplugs as well, the soft ones with the highest decibels are great!
  6. I had the same problem with my hubbie. When it was really bad, I would sleep downstairs on the couch and if I could still hear it, I would be relegated to the basement!

    If he is a little overweight, I would definately suggest you get him on a diet ASAP. My husband lost 30 pounds and now only rarely snores and at a much lower decibel level!

    Another trick is to try to get to sleep before him. I know it ruins the romance, but if you can sneak into bed before him, you may not wake up.

    Good luck, I feel your pain!
  7. Punch him in the back...Everytime Bart snores, I nudge him...The more he snores, the harder I nudge. The longer he snores, the more pissed off I get and then I start to hit, lol.

    Eventually I just end up leaving the bed
  8. I make my SO roll over to his side, and his snoring stops. I've noticed he snores only when he's on his back. lol. Maybe you could try that! haha
  9. My OH has sleep apnea and has to use a CPAT machine. It is really important that if you suspect it may be sleep apnea, get it checked out. It really is important.

    Good Luck
  10. I suffered from sleep apnea for years, and I know my snoring was intense. I finally went for the sleep study last year, and now use a CPAP nightly. No more snoring, and I feel soooo much better. It's worth checking out if the snoring is that bad.
  11. My BF is the same way. Plenty of nights I've nudged him and whispered, "Roll over!" Usually he does it, which is good, because I can't roll him over myself. Trying to move a sleeping man is like trying to move a corpse with rigor mortis. Occasionally his own loud-azz snoring will wake him up, and he'll roll over onto his side on his own. Now if he would just do that more frequently. Because I've tried the nasal strips and they didn't work on him. Neither did the throat spray. I'm always amazed at the noises snoring people can make. As a person who's never ever snored I just don't understand why people can't sleep silently. It's better for all involved.
  12. Same problem here:cursing:

    The nights when it's really bad I just sleep in another bedroom:sad:
  13. haaa...interesting...didn't know that rolling over would work too...

    but certainly the strips and the earplugs should work...and going to a sleep clinic is always a good idea
  14. ^^I do that too;)!
  15. Mine is the same way too! I dunno why that is.