frustrated with

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  1. here's the story...

    A YSL muse in anthracite has been in my shopping cart for quite a while already. Last week, Nov. 27, when I checked on my cart, I was shocked that the price was $767 only (orig price is $1095). So, I contacted their online chat at once and verified if it's correct. They agreed, so, I purchased it that same moment. They gave me the order online number/reference and advised that it will be shipped before Dec. 4. By the way, i'm from the Philippines. I instructed them to ship it to my uncle in California.

    I made a follow up this morning, was just asking for the status of my order, since, I haven't received any confirmation thru email, w/c the telemarketer said I should be receiving before the ship out of the item. I was so disappointed to know that my order was cancelled due to the reason that my credit card company didn't allow the purchase. Hello??!! I was called upon by my CC company and verified for the purchase, and I approved and confirmed it. And it did show up in my billing statement (w/c I checked online) that the amount is earmarked/floating. Problem lies in BG not informing me that my order was cancelled, that the item was back online and that it was purchased by others.

    How could one returning customer be treated like that? I was so firing up like hell a while ago, that I couldn't take any apology they give. Am I over-reacting or should I be given justice? Hours have passed, my feelings are the same....frustrated, disappointed BIG TIME! :hysteric:
  2. BG usually has excellent customer service. I have never had a problem with them and I shop there a lot. This may be a problem with the CC company.....
  3. That's a shame. I shop with BG on-line almost every month and have only received THE BEST in service. I'm sure if you give them another try you won't have any more problems. They have always been very good to me.
  4. I think that you should call you CC company and see what happened to the charge. If they say that the charge went through then you can go back to and tell them that you have proof. It won't really do anything for the purchase if they don't have any left though, but maybe they can find one for you if they know the charge when through.
  5. Exactly the same thing has happen to me. I am in England and for the past 2 days have been tyring to buy a bag from Neimun Marcus, because the bag is very expensive my CC put a hold on the transaction untill they called me to verify that it was OK to go ahead, I told them it was and yes I wanted the bag, NM had to call the referring centre for confirmation number which they did not do just cancel my order. So today I have had to reorder and I am waiting till 4.00p.m. my time before I can ring them to find out if this transaction has gone through. So annoying its cost me a fortune in phone calls to the states trying to sort this out. If NM had done their job properly none of this would have happen.

    The problem I think is occuring because we are not of the USA and the large amount of money involved
  6. Whenever you're in another country and you're making a purchase, your CC company may think that someone is using your card. So get authorization before making the charge and then they know you're making it.
  7. I was a satisfied BG customer before, they gave me excellent service, that's why i'm a returning customer.

    I confronted my CC company and they disclaim that problem lied on them. They actually allowed the purchase and it's now floating in my statement. I've been an excellent client to that company, so, there's no reason they will disapprove any purchase I make. I've used the said card with my previous order with BG.

    After I've told that to BG, they claimed that their Loss Prevention Dept. disapproved the shipment, to prevent fraud (they claimed). I can't comprehend such excuse! I used the same card as before, haven't encountered any problem then.

    They have so many excuses...lame ones actually! :confused1:
  8. Things happen. Just because a transaction went through once doesn't mean that it will go through the next time. I understand the frustration, but have they told how they can fix the problem?
  9. They can't fix the problem, since the particular item I was buying was discontinued already, last piece and it was shipped already to the new buyer. They can't even offer me discount for other items, all they can provide is FREE SHIPPING, w/c as we all know, they offer to all!
  10. I think the problem was that BG tried to verify the shipping address with your CC company and were declined, because your uncle was not entered as an alternate shipping address with them.

    It's happened to me before, I had to call my CC company and register an alternate shipping address with them, before I could have an online merchant ship elsewhere than the billing address.

    Your charge will be just refunded, sorry this didn't work out for you.
  11. that sux....hope you are able to get the bag on the terms you conducted the sale upon previously
  12. This is an awful situation--how disappointing. It seems no matter how good a customer you are, an online company or your credit card company occasionally screws up. It's happened to us with one credit card--they randomly deny charges that are similar to regular charges we've always made, never even calling us to verify!

    I hope you eventually get an equally good deal on a purse you love.
  13. I understand your frustration! I have had this type of problem happen to me before and it can get extremely frustrating! Once my CC company even called me to verify a purcharse (through an automated service) I verified it only to find out later that they still hadn't approved the charge! It was only after I called to complain that they finally allowed it to go through!
  14. If your billing address is not the same as your shipping address, it is definitely a C/C problem. I've had the experience with NM where the payment could not go through until days later when I called to change the billing address temporarily. BG usually has excellent service, so this might be a C/C problem.
  15. I had a similar issue with a company overseas, but my CC had nothing to do with it...they actually sold the same bag to three different people and it was the last one of its kind. I have never found one since, so I totally understand your frustration. Regardless of whose fault it was, CC, BG, or whatever, you still lost out on the bag you wanted AND a great price! I hope you find your bag!