Frustrated while training for a race.

  1. I've been training for a 1/2 marathon. The race isn't until March 30 but I feel like I just took a huge, I mean giant step backwards. A couple of weeks ago I ran 9 miles. While running I felt great. Right after I got home I could barely walk. I took motrin and stayed away from running for a week. It still wasn't better so I went to the doctor. They said I had bursitis and gave me some pretty strong anti-inflammitory medicine. I mostly swam for the past couple of weeks and completely stayed away from running. Well on Friday I met with a guy who specializes in running form. Evidently my form was terrible which is why my hip got injured. So he told me how to adjust my form. It is more energy efficient and it doesn't put any stress on my hip. Sounds like good news and I was really excited. On Monday I was anxious to get back to running and try out this new form. I think I have the form down but my muscles are exhausted. I'm now working completely different muscles and could only run 1 1/2 without stopping. I feel like I've never run before. How am I ever going to get ready for this race coming up. I'm just so frustrated because 2 weeks ago I was running 9 miles and now I can't run 2. Hopefully I can get back up to speed and soon. Has anyone else had bursitis? What have been you experiences?
  2. I haven't had this gucci fan, in fact I had to google it. What actually causes it did they say?

    I really hope you get back into the swing of things. It probably just takes a bit of time, but I'm sure you will get there.

    Feel free to come over to the marathon support thread in here as well.
  3. I probably went up in milage too quickly and I was also doing interval training. I guess if you couple that with poor form it equals injury.