Frustrated... where to buy origami paper at walk-in stores?

  1. I'm trying to look for some origami paper I can buy at a retail walk in store, but I can't seem to find any. Target doesn't have any, the local Asians shop don't have any here, Toys'R'Us do not have any either. Where can you get them?!
  2. Near me AC Moore, Michaels & Joanns all carry it.

    ETA: I've seen it at Borders & Barnes and Noble before as well.
  3. Any craft store should have it. I would suggest Michaels and Joanns. Mainly because those are the two I am the most familiar with.
  4. A quick Googles suggests:

    Asahiya Bookstores

    Bunka Do
    340 East First St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Phone: (213) 625-8673
    About 1 block from the Japanese-American National Museum in the Little Tokyo area of downtown Los Angeles. Carries a large selection of paper and a small selection of books, including books by Fuse and Brill.

    Dick Blick

    Kinokuniya Bookstore
    123 Onizuka Street, Suite 205
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Phone: (213) 687-4480
    The store is located on the second level of an outdoor mall, Weller Court, that is attached to the New Otani Hotel, near Los Angeles City Hall (about 4 flocks from the Civic Center Subway station). Japanese bookstore with imported books, prepackaged paper and washi. There are other stores in the area that carry origami books and supplies.

    Legion Paper
    6333 Chalet Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90040
    Phone (800) 727-3716
    Fax (562) 927-6100
    International Phone (562) 928-5600
    Wholesaler of fine art paper. Check the website for local shops that retail papers imported by Legion.
  5. I found some at Tuesdays Morning as well.
  6. I saw some in Michaels a couple days ago and they have a very large variety of colors.