Frustrated! What Speedy style should I get?

  1. So I am FINALLY getting my dream bag this Wednesday.:yahoo: ..A Speedy 30 but now I'm so confused!! Up until this week, i thought I really wanted the Mono but i've seen the damier and they're gorgeous!! Augh!! Now I dont know which to get!! What do you guys think?
  2. PREFORATED= my favorite

    but out of those two, i choose mono. every girl needs a mono speedy.
  3. It depends on the type of wear that it'll see I think. If you've got lots of rain or a snowy winter coming up, damier may be the best for you. On the other hand, I find that damier is also a more professional looking pattern, monogram may be better as an every day bag.

    Sooo.. those are my 02cents !
  4. It´s really up to you. The mono is gorgeous and traditional and the damier canvas is supposed to be really durable. I would adore both :biggrin:
  5. right now i prefer the Damier. it's the all-weather bag, and it's not as common and overrated as the Monogram
  6. Another vote for Damier!:love:
  7. damier! :heart:
  8. Mono. Wasn't this the original? Even though it is "faked", it is the classic.
  9. I :heart: the Damier Speedy! :love:
  10. I'd start with the mono...then get Damier later!
  11. i think you should get one now, and then the other one later! i love them both haha!

  12. :yes: so true plus mono is so so so faked..we all know that. i have a damier and have no regrets..
  13.'s just so classic. So what about the know yours is real! Carry it with pride!!!
  14. i also prefer the damier speedy... you don't see it around as much (not where i live, anyway)
  15. My vote is Damier!