frustrated trying to sell on ebay!

  1. those of you who have sold b-bags on ebay, can you give me some advice about payment?

    i just spent the morning creating a listing and finally submitted it a few hours ago when i wanted the auction to go up.

    just now, i got an email from ebay saying my listing was cancelled!!! :hysteric:
    i currently have a personal Paypal account which doesn't accept credit cards. ebay is saying i have to accept credit cards if i state i will accept Paypal as payment...
    are they forcing everyone to have a business Paypal account??

    argh, i'm aggravated. thanks for listening to my rant.
  2. yes, you HAVE to accept credit cards now.
  3. i don't have a paypal acc. i use my cc numbers instead and been succesfully listing and selling a few items.
    of course they force us to use paypal, because i think it belongs to the same company, and by that, they will have more & more benefits from our selling/transaction...
  4. I opened another account. I have 2 now, one that accepts and one that doesn't. At the end of the auction, I ask the Buyer if they're using a credit card or existing funds and I give them the proper Paypal addy depending on their answer.
    This has been a new rule for most of the year.
  5. thanks, swankymama, for the explanation! i guess i am just out of the loop. :Push:
    for now, i just redid the listing and asked for buyers to let me know what they are going to use to pay.

    seahorseinstripes, i'm a little confused. what do you mean you have been using your cc to list items? hope you don't mind explaining! :flowers:
  6. argh! i did it again. all the html got mixed up and the listing got removed again. this is painful! :wacko:

    anyway, i'm handing this over to a friend for her help.
  7. i think i misinterpret your statements before :P
    i meant i use my cc for ebay to bill my auction fees & listings :P not for buyer's payment
    sorry jennifer...
  8. Ugh, I know-- that html is a :censor: if you're not used to doing it (which I'm not either).
  9. yes, the rules have changed regarding using paypal. if you list paypal as one of your payment options, you have to allow credit cards payments. i remember before where you can very specifically chose the payment options including cash. now cash is not even allowed or banned.

    yes, sometimes it takes hours just to list an auction :Push: . good luck!
  10. It really shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or less to list an auction. Have y'all considered using Turbo Lister?

    It's fast, free and is awesome!
  11. i typed up my description into a word document, and my friend helped me list it.:wlae:

    swankymama, i'll look into this turbo lister thingy. i know i should invest the time to learn how to list things on ebay so i can actually sell something! my bag collection is burgeoning beyond my control....:angel:
  12. Really? I wasn't aware of that, but there are limits on how much you can receive into your account, and it's pretty low. I had to "upgrade" my account so I could continue to accept payments. I wasn't pleased, since every time I receive $$ now, I'm nicked. Some people have two accounts: one to accept CC, and one for direct transfers. THen you can invoice your customer accordingly.
  13. Sorry about that last post. I just re-iterated what SwankyMama said! Well, now you have it from two sources!
  14. &lol, it's okay!
    i'm learning new things everyday; i didn't realize there was a limit on how much you can receive into your account. :rolleyes: