Frustrated! Trying to contact boutiques!

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  1. I just have to vent here. Most of the other boutiques in my area ( Gucci, Jimmy Choo, LV, etc) will fall over themselves trying to get your business if they know you are looking for a pair of shoes! I've had several GREAT SAs here locally.

    So, I have been looking for a pair of Yoyo pumps desperately and have emailed the Paris boutique, both NY boutiques and the Costa Mesa boutique. I have only gotten 1 response and IMHO, it was a rude response in that .....just a quick one line response "we dont have it". Do these boutiques and SA's not care enough about business that they wouldn't try to help me find a shoe, or even respond to my email?? Not only is it rude to me to not even acknowledge my business request, but really makes me positive to NEVER deal with any of these boutiques again.

    Im looking to BUY these shoes, Im not just emailing for fun! Why am I not having ANY luck with getting appropriate responses from SAs? I just dont have the time or interest in spending hours phoning all the boutiques to find my shoes when email should suffice as acceptable and timely business correspondence. Poor customer service is just a big pet peeve of mine and these boutiques are giving me a really bad taste of CL! :Push:
  2. I've emailed all Paris boutiques last week, with the intention to buy, but not a single boutique replied to my email. And then on Friday I was communicating with a store manager at a New York boutique regarding shoe repair and he promised to call back the next day with additional information....guess what I never heard from him again as well.

    I'm currently more frustrated than impressed with their customer service....but I still love my shoes!
  3. I'm sorry you had a frustrating experience. I know it's overwhelming searching for a particular shoe and there are so many outlets to try to contact. My recommendation is also try NM and Saks. I believe they carried the Yoyo in previous seasons. Also, if contact the boutiques, it would feel more personal if you had a specific SA. That way when you're calling/emailing them you'd have a rapport established already. If you need names and contact info I can PM you some info.
  4. Thanks LavenderIce! I'd love some contacts for any of the US boutiques if you have them. The only response I got back was from the Horatio St. boutique and that person that did reply didnt even give a name!

    I am headed to NM this weekend in person to see if they can help as well, but on their website, it says the shoe isnt available until April.

    Like I said, I just have zero tolerance for poor customer service, especially in the luxury goods business! Those are the ones that I make mental note of to never give my business to and I also make sure they know it. I was a shop owner previously myself and I would never put up with poor customer service from any of my employees.

    If you have any info, please post or PM it to me....and thanks! :okay:
  5. I feel your frustration with you. CL does not get A+ for customer service what so ever. It's only this morning i was thinking i will be posting a thread on boutiques about customer service.
    Last wk I emailed all the boutiques about a SO order not 1 boutique has emailed me back.
    This wk i've been calling the London's main CL boutique about a SO every time i ask for the mgr who deals with SO apparently she is always on a another line. I haven't heard from her and i've been calling-emailing her for the last 2 wks now. I'm now getting to the point where i feel they don't derseve my £s since they don't care if they loose a customer or not. :girlsigh:
  6. Saks in Houston has the Yoyo in multiple heights. I remember seeing the nude in the 110 and multiple colors w/ the sculpted heel
  7. I'm in the same boat, looking for Clichys or information regarding a special order. The South Coast boutique manager was actually very nice to me, but the girl in Beverly Hills was quite snippy and really soured my view of their boutique but I have to go there some time. I'm sorry your experience hasn't been too optimistic, I feel your frustration, some of these people are just so rude.
  8. Hmm, someone else said they had emailed the boutiques and hadnt gotten a response yet.

    Floridasun8 - Is that really all you got back??? SO rude!!!
  9. Wow, poor customer service is just wrong and they should put more efforts toward training them better.
  10. Thanks evolkatie...I'll call them to see if they have them. We have a Saks in my area, however its in a bad mall that I wont go to, so I rarely get there.

    savvysgirl...yep....I sent a very nice email asking if they had the shoe or if they could help me locate it in the US before I went to Paris and I just got a one line email in return. No name signed, no thanks, no salutation and no offer to help find them. Shame.
  11. I cannot believe their customer service is this bad. I emailed 5 of the CL stores on their website some days ago about the pink petal sandals from the new resort collection and so far only the Mount Street store has written me back. Sounds like I should not wait too long for an answer:thinking:
  12. I am surprised about Horatio St. because I have always had good service there. Now, I wonder with the popularity increasing of CLs, is that the reason why SAs don't want to be bothered? In any sense it is idiotic, because as well ALL know, CLs are addicting and you don't just purchase one pair...

    Maybe if you were Christina Aguilera or Kim Kardashian, would it be different?????
  13. I called the Las Vegas boutique this past weekend about the yoyo and yopi and got a great SA. She has e-mailed me additional information. I don't have her e-mail right now, but if you want it pm me. You can also call her 310-247-9300 and ask for Alexandria and she can give you her e-mail.

    FYI, they do have the yoyo in nude and I black (I think). It was the 100mm scultped heel. I did not ask if they had any 85's in stock.
  14. In my experience, you'll always make out better phoning vs emailing, whether you're looking for CL's or a fan belt for your car. It's so easy for employees to ignore emails. If you get a machine, try later; if the SA says they or someone else will get back to you, tell them you'll hold. I agree that poor customer service is unacceptable, but this method at least puts you in the driver's seat. Good luck.
  15. When I was looking for the nude/burgundy tip VP about a month ago, I had the same experience with the boutiques... I emailed all of them, and almost all of them ignored me. I guess their policy is "if we don't have it, we don't respond."

    It got even worse after I finally got the shoes from one of the boutiques... essentially, the SA at one of the Paris boutiques charged me the wrong price and didn't understand me when I asked her about the VAT. After being hung up on two times, I finally had to email the director of the boutique. I assumed he talked to this SA, because she called me soon after. However, she told a bunch of lies and made it sound like MY fault for getting the price wrong. I won't be dealing with her again. It's a long story, but if you wanna read more, check the thread I started.

    I hope you get your shoes though. The Saks at Tysons definitely has the nude Yoyo, and I'm pretty sure I saw it at CL Madison, too.