Frustrated!! I want a Speedy!

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  1. I spent forever agonizing over whether my first speedy should be a 30 or 35 and now when I finally decide that 30 monogram is the best fit for me - there's no friggin Speedy to be found anywhere!!! :pout:

    I live in NYC and in the past 2 days I've either visited or called all the boutiques here and nada!! Everyone says November or December! WTH? I really think the shortage is intentional. This isn't the 'it' bag of the season. It's a classic that should always be in stock.

    I'm also kicking myself because I was near the Louis Vuitton store in Dominican Republic last week and didn't check to see if they had it in stock!!! :blah:
  2. My store in Long Island Garden City Macys's Floor 1st floor had some that came in this morning, I got the call to come in and pick it up..This one is for my mom that came intime for her birthday..
  3. so chill and save more money or wait. I think if we rush and worry they will hire prices thinking we must have one. They can be empty all year Ill save $$$$
  4. My friend went ot the LV in Aytantic City today and the lady there told her no stores in the country have any neverfulls or speedys :sad:
  5. Wow that's funny because I picked mine up today after getting 2 phone calls from 2 different stores that they were in or atleast mine was in.
  6. Looks like this is a game of hide and speedy, with some people actually getting the bag and some people, like me, being told there aren't any bags available. I don't think the SA's care or bother to check anymore. My boyfriend told me that when he went to the Louis Vuitton in Soho, the SA "checked" the inventory on the computer without even bothering to ask which Speedy he wanted.
  7. Sweeite, you're gonna have to call the stores EVERYDAY :P That's what I had to do for my NF! Got it after 5 weeks of stalking all 4 stores here (in a 50 mile radius) and website!
  8. Naturally SAs already have a handful of clients after a particular bag, if you're not a regular client of theirs, they're not going to give it to you over a preferred/returning customer. It's just how things go although I think it's just a game of being patient. Granted classics should be in stock but it also comes as no surprise if there's a shortage as many tourists visit various destinations across the globe to do their Christmas shopping.
  9. This US-only speedy shortage is really odd. I just got back from a week in the UK and bought a damier ebene Speedy 30. And there were plenty of speedys in all styles in their stockrooms (both the Harrods and Selfridges LV stores). Since they were all "made in France," I wonder if there's something odd/lame going on with the US factories. Or, of course, maybe this shortage is just artificial, as many others have commented here... So sorry about your frustration.
  10. The reason for the shortage is simple- the recession of 2009. When the recession hit, LVMH predicted low sales thus low supply. To many surprise, the sales in fact have remained steady throughout the recession and in fact, exceeded expectations. Be patient, they will be back but from what I understand, not til December.
  11. I am frustrated too. I am not looking for a speedy but the bags I have been eyeing have been OOS for what seems like forever and I can't even find a pre-loved one....argh!!!!
  12. I have been waiting for a speedy for over a month! Calling everyday, stalking the website..
  13. wow, i haven't visited the lv forums in a while and had no idea there was such a shortage of lv's. i could understand maybe a hot new bag having a shortage, but something as classic as the speedy? :nono:

    g'luck to all those trying to find one!
  14. i have the damier on hold in nashville like two weeks ago and i called to check on it the other day since when i put my name on the list there was only one person in front of me for the 35. and the sa told me i better be glad that i was already on the list cause lv told them that they werent allowed to put anyone else on it. crazy crazy
  15. Good luck on your Speedy quest! I am so excited, I actually snagged a Speedy 30 Damier Ebene today at an LV store. I couldn't believe they had one, I think it had been on display for only an hour or so, and I happened to catch a break. My first LV!! I've been checking that store for a few months, I had about given up!