Frustrated ... anybody seen the $1705 size Betty at a Nordstrom or Saks!

  1. I looking for the size that is the next step down from the huge one. I'm calling it the medium, but I've also seen it called the small, so that's why I think it's easier to go by the retail price. The one that retails for $1705.

    I'm looking for the choco. brown. I thought I had it yesterday at the Seattle store, but that was a bust. :mad:

    I'd rather go with either Saks or Nordstrom and I trust the knowledge of the people on here about possible locations to find the items.

    Anybody seen one in their travels????
  2. Did you try Saks in Naples, FL ........... they had a few Betty's -- not sure about brown - worth a call. Good Luck!
  3. Yup, I got to them yesterday and the SA told me nothing left in the sale Betty's.
  4. I think they are probably all gone .......... I think other members grabbed them, but you could try Nordstrom Mission Viejo or Nordstrom Seattle or Bellevue.
  5. Seattle got back to me. I thought they had sold it, but they did actually hold it for me. Just a little confusion. Now I need to ask about possible matching Saks additional discount. We shall see.
  6. justonemore, did you work with Diane? She fabulous! I recommended a bunch of PF'ers to her so now she loves our forum! She thanked me last time for connecting her to a fellow PF'er who lives in CA (I guess they knew each other?).

    In any event, when I spoke to Diane last she told me they had 3, they went quick!
  7. Sorry, I bought the last one from Saks in Naples.
  8. Yes, they should match! Just let them know that Saks has the additional 30% off all their bags - Chloe, MJ, Gucci, Chanel, etc. I just picked up my Chanel Reporter at a STEAL! Good Luck!
  9. I think it was Diane, very nice SA! Yes, with the additional 30% the bags are going quick!
  10. Fortheluvofbags, how much did you pay if you don't mind?
  11. $716 plus tax & shipping
  12. Congrats, that's the deal of the year!