Frustrated/angry with LuisaViaRoma!


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Jan 18, 2007
I can't believe I'm having this much of a problem with this company. I've ordered from them before, and they've been great. I've even returned before and they've been great, but this is really making me upset. At the end of November I ordered a pair of shoes from them. The shoes didn't quite work out, so I emailed a request for a return authorization number, and indicated in the email that I would be requesting store credit as there was another item I wanted to order. I received the RAN quickly and mailed the shoes back within a few days. As of December 19, LVR had received my return according to the tracking information and the fact that the shoes were already put back on the site. I received no email with a store credit code or a confirmation of receipt of the return. At the beginning of the month, I emailed return customer service to ask about the store credit. I did not get a response for several days and as of yesterday, the item I had wanted to purchase had sold out. :mad: I had been waiting to purchase this item, and it had been something I had been wanting for months. I was just waiting for the sales, and NAP even had it for $200.00 cheaper than LVR and I passed just because I wanted to use my store credit at LVR! And now here I am, no credit, no item, no refund, no nothing! Just yesterday I emailed them to let them know how disappointed I was that no one gave me any store credit information and that the item I wanted to purchase was now sold out, so at this point, I was requesting a refund (which will be significantly less as they deduct return shipping and original shipping from the total, something they don't do with store credit). I got a response today saying that someone will contact me "soon" with my store credit info! WTF?! Seriously, this is some terrible customer service. We are at 3 weeks since they RECEIVED my return. I really don't know if it's because of the holidays, or what the excuse is, but if they have enough time to put the shoes back on the website for sale, they had the time to email me to confirm my return and give me a code for store credit.

Anyone have any advice? Similar experiences? At this point I am ready to go to my credit card with the return information and do a chargeback. I don't want to have to do that, but I am seriously angry that I missed out on a much-wanted item (that I could have gotten cheaper here in the US!) due to their incompetence. :cry:


Jun 20, 2011
Has anything changed since you put up this post?

What I love about LVR: fantastic selection, usually the first with new collections, good prices (for EU at least), free fast shipping.
What I hate: they rarely have good sales, although this season seems to become an exception to that rule. They often keep items at 30% off for months when you can get them up to 70% off elsewhere. They "cheat" in the sales as well by adding old stuff to the new collections. And the worst: dealing with returns/refunds/store credit!

Although I'll admit I'm far from a frequent shopper with them, they've managed to annoy me more than any other online store. They're fantastic as long as you know what you want and have no intention of exchanging or returning it.
My first experience was great, as it should be at any store where you buy a RO jacket at full-price... On the second order, though I got a pair of pants on sale of which I wasn't sure if they would fit me or not. There was no other size, so it was all or nothing. After thinking it over for a while I decided to go for it, based on what is stated in their terms & conditions. According to the T&C you can get a refund, minus a fee, on your credit card, or a full refund in store credit. In addition, it says that store credit is valid for three months and if not used in that time, it will be refunded to your card minus the return fee after all. Having carefully read all this I requested a refund in store credit, figuring that I was bound to find something else I liked within those three months.
However, I didn't buy anything with the store credit and contacted them after about 5 to 6 months because I still hadn't received the refund on my cc, although their T&C stated that I would get it. And that's when the fun began! No matter how many emails I sent, they refused to stick to their own T&C. In every reply there would be a new excuse ("just buy something else", "you can wait until the sale", "I can extend it over and over again, as long as you want", "it is very difficult to change"). It got to the point where I lied and said I was moving abroad to a place where I would have no use whatsoever for fancy clothes, so I just wanted my money back like they promised. To no avail...
So ever since I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for that one deal to pop up for which I could use this lousy store credit. And whenever I got my hopes up, what I wanted was taken offline while the promo code was valid or the item was moved to the "new" collection... It's very annoying, because you have to keep emailing them to reactivate the credit every quarter and do it a few days before you think you might buy something, because it takes a day or two for them to do it.

Now, almost 1.5 years later, my credit was last reactivated late November and I wanted to use it last Saturday to buy something at 70% off. Of course, when I tried to buy it, it said that my credit had expired... by the time the credit was reactivated on Tuesday, the item was long gone. I thought about ordering it and having them apply the store credit afterwards, but after all this there was no way in hell that would work out.

If you're not tired of reading yet: the saga continues! The jacket I wanted was available last week in black and brown, of which I wanted the brown one because the black is too similar to what I already have. Suddenly, on Tuesday night, the black one popped back up in my size, so I did order it (finally!) using the credit because I simply could not let it go. Then today the brown one popped back up as well... but of course, I had to pay that seperately. The black one shipped today and I have no problem with paying the 20 euro return fee for that. But the thought of trying to get them to apply the credit to the brown jacket instead of the black one makes me want to shoot myself.

SO! Lesson to be learned: LVR is great if you are 100% sure, but never ever ever return for store credit.

/end rant