Frustrated and wanting to vent

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  1. Last Christmas I had been looking for the small cc crystal stud earrings. Of course, given the holiday they were all sold out. I continued to call the boutique near me at Tysons in the following months and they put me on lists to call me back when they got them in stock.. Never received a call. Finally one day I decided to call the locator number and they told me that the boutique at Tysons had received some weeks ago (around the time I had called them and they had me on lists) ... and at that time they still never gave me a call to let me know they were available. The locator number also said that they would have any boutique who had them available give me a call back - only call back I received was from a boutique in Dallas to let me know they had it in the large size, not small.

    Yesterday I called the Tysons boutique to see if they had any available. The woman on the phone told me they had lots of the small ones available and there would be no need to put them on hold. Today I drove an hour to go to the boutique in tons of traffic and the woman at the counter tells me that they don't have any available in the small size. I'm SO frustrated. How could they sell all of them out in a day? The woman even reassured me that there was no need to put them on hold the day before. It's like I'm chasing after nothing. Should I just give up?
  2. How small did you want them? There have been mini ones and then the "regular" that ae about 1/2 inch and then every other season or so there are ones that are about 1 inch. I know NM has the 1/2 size, I just got 2 pairs for my neices.Sorry you had so much trouble it can be SO frustrating when evryone calls things by different names!
  3. I don't know the actual size of them. I just know the boutique called them the "small" size and said they're $195.

    I went to Neiman Marcus and they kept on showing me the large size for $200 something :sad:
  4. How frustrating that you look for something specific and people don't follow thru and call you. That's happened too often to me. Hope you can find just what you're looking for, in spite of the lack of help from the stores!
  5. :blink:Uck that is so frustrating!! I hope u find what u r looking 4.
  6. Oh that stinks! Sometimes I think these SAs give us the runaround and make us jump through hoops simply because it's CHANEL and they CAN. :mad: I swear they are becoming more and more like Hermes every day. I wouldn't give up if I were you, they'll turn up. If you can bear it, call back at some point and if they have it in, have them hold it this time. How frustrating! I'm really sorry you had to go through all that.
  7. I would never deal with that store who supposedly had you waitlisted for them again! They gave you the RUN AROUND!
  8. hmmm, i just bought mine from the chanel at spring street in nyc. one thing to note, the SA first said that she was absolutely sold out but when she went to double check, she found them. she said that she didnt realise that she had them because the picture of the small cc earrings on the box were the same as the picture on the box of the medium size.

    so i'm thinking it was the result of a careless SA that you wasted your time! they might have been in the store but she didn't look at the box carefully!
  9. good luck! I know you'll find them soon, :tup:
  10. That's very frustrating, and having to drive an hour just to be disappointed, I would be venting too. Hang in there, I am sure you will find them.