Frustrated...and strayed

  1. Okay, I'll confess, I really wanted a croc bag now and could not take the "delayed" part of the H gratification and bought....another croc tote for summer (NG) which has been sitting there staring at me unused. Now I am debating about returning it, because it is not the ultimate...and also not inexpensive--but it is useful--oysterish color large croc tote. What do I do? Anguish. Part of the equation is summer travel and being torn by wanting my beautiful colorful H bags with me, not being able to choose which color is most versatile so I don't have too much extra baggage and leave valuable bags unattended, not wanting to wreck my H bags in greasy fish and chips joints, airplanes and beachy places, but still wanting a high standard of quality. Ugh.
  2. ok, so you bought a croc bag that is good quality but is NOT hermes, right? or is it?

    any bag that you aren't using, H or not, should maybe be returned. you can then use the money on something you will use!

    hope i didn't misunderstand your post...
  3. Return it. You will never love it the same. Because you'd be constantly reminded that it's a "filler bag".
  4. agree with mrssparkles. can't compromise, especially with croc!!!
  5. Sorry. Obviously, I should not drink and drivel. Yes, I bought a croc bag that is not Hermes and I am agonizing about whether to return it or take it on the icky summer travels to destinations involving critical extended family and grease, thereby sparing the H bags I love from filth and scorn, but subjecting me to a non-H existence.
  6. Return it!
  7. MrsS--You are so right. It is filler and I don't love it.
  8. Ditto! My closet used to be FULL of those! It was DH who told me to just wait until I find the one that I want instead of wasting all these money on "filler" bags....
  9. I did the same thing a little while ago--got a Nancy Gonzalez croc. Now it's just hiding in my closet. Wait for the real thing!!!
  10. ah, i see now! yes, return it :smile:
  11. return it!
  12. ::don't throw things at me please::

    Keep it!

    If you only have H bags...I think it would be smart to have a "different" bag for those not-so-right instances.
  13. If you're unsure about it, you should get rid of it. Only keep those things that you will LOVE and cherish!
  14. The moment you return it, you will actually feel a load off your chest. I am sure it didn't come cheap, so it's salvaging a situation that could only become wasteful.

    How about looking for a well preserved vintage Kelly or a pre-used Birkin from Pete (Luxury Zurich)? :yes::yes:

    OK? :okay:
  15. I think you should return it. If it doesn't feel right, don't carry it.