Frusterated & On a Tano Hunt...

  1. Sorry, didnt answer part of your question. Goldie shocks (and Cooped up, which is the same bag in crunch leather) measure approx. 14 tall x 5 deep x 15 wide. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. i guess i didn't notice that and just the fact that it's woven too...maybe hoping she's settle for that in case she can't find what she wants!
  3. in case you're still interested- try this one

    for some reason- i can't copy and post the url but look it up at *************.com (page 7 under tano bags)

    please disregard this - dunno what's going on- can't even type the name of the site?
  4. Faye, thats because the site you are typing is banned on TPF. When you type in that name, TPF automatically turns it to all x's! Im curious as to why they are banned- how would one find out? Anyone know?
  5. I was curious so I searched using the website's name (13 letters, starting with the letters ef) and got some results with the site's name redacted in the threads. Those threads seem to provide some insight into why the site / tpf member was banned.
  6. thanks a lot for the info. well, i think tpf has a valid reason for banning that site. i wouldn't want a co-member to shop in a questionable?/illegitimate site that i recommended although i myself is clueless on the status of that website.
  7. i know weve gone of an a tangent here but back to the orig bag :smile: is it Barneys outlets as in outlet stores or Barneys new york stores?

  8. did you try ordering it from that's our i got so intrigued yesterday so i tried if i can order it. it was the black one on the screen in the beginning which i think means that's the only color available- but then when i clicked again on the brown one and added it to cart, it went through. i checked out and just deleted the one in black. i was waiting for a message that says desert sand is not available but nothing so i just paid and i got the confirmation. right now i'm still waiting for an email or a phone call to tell me they don't have it in desert sand. i'll keep you posted or if you want to try the same thing.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for shopping with That's Our We hope to offer you the best
    shopping experience the internet has to offer. If there is anything that we can
    assist you with in the future, we look forward to being of service to you. Your
    order is very important to us and will be processed within 1-2 business days.

    Thanks again and enjoy your purchase!


    The Staff at That's Our

    Qty Item # Description Price Ext
    1 TAN3478S Tano Old School $210.99 $210.99

    Subtotal: $210.99
    Shipping: $0.00
    Total $210.99
  9. according to tano's website the only authorized retailer is i dont really feel comfortable buying from an unauthorized dealer
  10. Musthavebag is the only authorized ONLINE is your right to buy where ever you feel comfortable, however if MHB doesn't have it, they don't have it...... and you can't buy directly from Tano. I have bought from Thatsourbag before; service is exemplary and no problem with authenticity. There are quite a few other websites that do carry Tano, such as Luna Boston. These are actual stores with a web presence, and since Tano is mainly sold through boutiques, they also make their inventory available online for customers to buy. The brick/mortar stores are authorized dealers so I don't see a difference whether you buy in store or online. Just my .02
  11. actually, i called that's our bag and the cs rep i spoke to said that they've been in business for almost 30 years (which is what i read in the co profile anyway) and has been carrying tano bags for the longest. she said that my tano old school in desert sand is out for shipping today so we'll see. i guess i'll ask tano expert to authenticate it:smile:
  12. If you feel this way, why did you post asking for help finding this bag since musthavebag doesn't have it?
  13. Don't worry, thats our bag is a legit Tano dealer, they have a big store in chicago (selling mostly luggage, but they also carry Tano bags, and have done so for many years.)

    In any case, Ive yet to hear of "fake" Tano bags! There are quite a few "bricks and mortar" authorized Tano dealers that have websites as well. In general, I would say that its fine to buy from them- as long as they are listed on Tano's store locator. But, as always, when shopping online, be careful to know all the policies before you buy! Ive received emails from people who have purchased Tano bags online from other stores (the above mentioned banned website, for example) and have gotten stuck with stuff they didnt like due to all sales being final, restocking fees, etc.